basic wage basic rate behaviour behaviourism
benchmarking benchmark benefit recipient beneficiary
benefit black market branch shop branch store
chain store branch office bridging course broad professional competences
budget restriction budget constraint commercial activity business
business business process re-engineering capability career
career career advancement career development career mobility theory
career planning case study casual work casual staff
labour market area catchment area degree diploma
certificate aeronautical chart aircraft equipment aircraft movement
flying display air display airport charges air service
airworthiness altimeter angle of attack appropriate authority
artificial horizon auxiliary power unit aviation cabotage
cockpit voice recorder commercial air transportation commercial air transport commercial pilot
configuration contractual carrier co-pilot critical power unit
decision altitude decision height direct transit area ditching
flare out flare flashing light flight
flight duty period aircraft flight manual flight manual aeroplane flight manual
flight operation flight recorder airborne recorder free fall jump
fuselage ground equipment heliport IFR flight
leading edge localizer localiser manifold pressure
mass military flight minimum descent altitude minimum descent height
missed approach non-directional radio beacon obstacle clearance obstacle clearance height
operational control operational flight plan operator air operator
pitch angle pitch powered sailplane powerplant
power plant pre-flight checking pre-flight inspection preflight inspection
pre-flight check radio altimeter safety harness seaplane
serious injury slat subsonic speed test flight
touchdown trailing edge training flight trike
variation variometer Rate-of-climb indicator vertical speed indicator
VFR flight visual reference wake turbulence adjustable pitch propeller
exhaust gas temperature feathered pitch fireproof fire-resistant
fire resistant fixed-pitch fixed-pitch propeller fixed pitch propeller
flame-resistant flame-resistant flame resistant large aeroplane load factor
Mach number main rotor maximum engine overspeed maximum propeller overspeed
modified engine new engine new propeller take-off power
maximum continuous power pitch setting reverse pitch supplemental oxygen
take-off safety speed one engine inoperative revolutions per minute STPD
design manoeuvring speed design maneuvering speed design cruising speed VD MD
Vd Md design diving speed design flap speed VLOF
lift-off speed VMCA Minimum unstick speed rotation speed
VTmax maximum threshold speed ASDA Accelerate-Stop Distance Available
handling agent state of origin UN Number unit load device
operation s airplane aeroplane airworthy
operator certification all weather operations balance mass and balance
commercial crew cabin crew passenger seating configuration Aeroplane Flight Manual
common review procedure operational directive Minimum Equipment List MMEL
flight safety pyrotechnics forced landing emergency landing
cruising speed airworthiness code flight duty standby
passenger inadmissible passenger operational procedure take-off
initial climb landing unserviceability defect
Configuration Deviation List unauthorised carriage noise certificate Aircraft Radio Licence
Flight Crew Licence special load cargo manifest passenger manifest
flight recorder recording MS operator Member State operator wet lease-out
dry lease-in wet lease-in dry lease-out Air Operator Certification
ground operation ground handling ground handling facility maintenance requirement
post holder nominated post holder MNPS ETOPS
ground staff flight planning operations personnel normal conditions
emergency conditions Aerodrome Operating Minima departure aerodrome aerodrome of departure
destination aerodrome aeroplane system aeroplane performance criteria departure
departure route obstacle clearance criteria noise instrument flight operations
take-off climb take-off climb procedure meteorological services flight altitude
minimum flight altitude forced landing vertical separation vertical separation minimum
performance navigation performance performance class MTOM
maximum take-off mass one-engine-inoperative cruise speed maximum flight level maximum continuous thrust
all engines climb cruising level cruise altitude severe turbulence
air current descending air current taxy fuel trip fuel
alternate fuel additional fuel emergency evacuation deportee
person in custody stowage of baggage passenger briefing safety briefing card
smoking regulations upright position tray table stowed escape path
escape path marking emergency action minimum safe altitude actual take-off mass
ETOPS diversion time planning minima applicable planning minima landing minima
applicable landing minima non-precision approach procedure non-precision approach visibility
en-route alternate destination alternate microwave landing system embark
disembark aviation gasoline avgas loop belt
supplementary loop belt smoking area designated smoking area flame resistant container
flame resistant canvas decision point decision point procedure pre-determined point procedure
ground de-icing simulated abnormal situation final reserve fuel outer marker
decision altitude height DA H MDA H threshold crossing height
technical log collision near collision in-flight emergency
bulkhead slide slide deployment area climb-out
climb-out areas necessary clearance straight-in approach out-of-trim
out of trim alert height guidance system independent guidance system
monitored head-up display low visibility low visibility operations non-visual facilities
centreline centreline lighting pilot assessment edge lights
visual segment lateral guidance lateral guidance system surveillance radar approach
nautical mile distance measuring equipement system minimum approach light system
threshold markings threshold lights threshold identification lights glideslope
touchdown zone markings touchdown zone lights full facilities intermediate facilities
LI approach lights PAPI night operations single pilot operations
approach lighting crossbar barrette barette auto-coupled
engagement engagement height AFCS autoland
airborne system system component failure disengagement flight director
touchdown position in-service proving requirements airborne equipment airborne equipment fault
ground facility difficulty ice accretion wind shear turbulence
autoland status autoland status annunciators visual cues autoflight
autoflight equipment manual flight localiser deviation glideslope deviation
enhanced vision equipment line flying autopilot disconnect manual take-off
auto-coupled approach auto-flare autolanding manual roll-out
non-visual conditions visual conditions non-normal situations minimum visual reference