public health protection constructed export price regulations ligroin
vitamin preparations laths of metal handcuffs hoists
filter presses condensers parts of machines steam
scissors electromagnetic coils cash registers optical media
optical data media ear plugs heat pumps chairlifts
tricycles fireworks chronometers water-colors
water-colours aquarelles paintings paintings
modelling clay engravings thumbtacks drawing pins
jackets for papers folders for papers transfers decalcomanias
decalcomanias stationery ironing board covers shaped
horsehair tights pullovers shoes
teddies undergarments barrettes hair-slides
mobiles toys sauerkraut maize oil
corn oil tofu rusks biscuits
pancakes meal flour edible ices
sushi bran seedlings pet food
malt wort sake book-keeping accounting
business research public relations opinion polling secretarial services
actuarial services capital investments fund investments capital investment
plastering plumbing warehousing storage
freight forwarding metal plating physical education instruction services
teaching tuition educational services industrial design
packaging design services packaging design dentistry sign language interpretation
tree surgery non-permanent employment contract temporary contract temporary employment contract
fixed-term contract permanent job permanent employment entrepreneur
incentive scheme precarious job precarious work precarious employment
private sector interpersonal skills rate of work speed of work
work rhythm pace of work permanent contract open-ended contract
main activity principal activity core activity zero-hours contract
denomination face value nominal value denomination
thickness obverse security thread vault
partially sighted predominant colour dominant colour size
dimension reproduction paper banknote paper
worn commercial reproduction Governing Council security feature
authentification feature exchange type of banknote banknote type
series of banknotes banknote series enforcement of copyright unauthorised reproduction
mutilated damaged Counterfeit Currency Database counterfeit
commercial bank non-cash payment transaction banknote design banknote-accepting machine
technical specification architectural style Classical Romanesque
Gothic Baroque and Rococco window bridge
grey blue green yellow-brown
purple blind European Blind Union deep engraving
cotton fibre fluorescent fibre authenticity material
colour edge vending machine high-value euro coin
two-coloured design bank cashier durability circulation
printing works banknote printing works quality management system changeover
changeover period secure issuing authority side
intended for circulation recognition artistic period mutilation
damage impregnation stained contaminated
impregnated neutralisation bold print bold
conversion rate cash system coin issuance mint
issue collector coin legal protection transitional period
issuance denominated currency unit medium of payment
settlement medium means of payment single currency colour copier
copyright protection national coin to mint cash changeover
production pilot series logistical stock production site
production facility quality standard banknote-sorting machine counterfeit monitoring system
genuine shop cashier changeover framework dual currency circulation
dual circulation retail sector retail industry automated teller machine
bank counter currency accepting machine adaptation currency circulation
cash circulation sub-unit NCB branch repatriate
repatriation issuing country country of issue cashier
reserve stock distribution unit banknote processing unit retail organisation
printed matter high-value banknote store of value front
modern abstract abstract or modern value numeral numeral
contrasting colour national side European side common side
cross-country flow cross-border flow migrate foil
intaglio print intaglio printing intaglio design competition
relief printing technique printing method acceptance
dyed discoloured anti-theft device coin
non-legal tender protection against counterfeiting type of counterfeit kind of counterfeit
nominal value launch anti-copying device fancy banknote
cash transaction retailer logistical infrastructure E-day
-day sub-frontloading cash-in-transit industry repatriation channel
low-value banknote reverse touch mark tactile mark
unauthorised banknote reverse side back outer ring
outer part inner part three layers three layer
fine milled design interrupted milled Nordic Gold
Spanish flower shape copper-covered steel smooth dummy banknote
professional cash-handler professional cash-user cash handler counterfeit banknote
counterfeit security standard paper thickness perforated hole
UV lamp ultra-violet lamp round white
silver yellow copper-nickel nickel brass
smooth with a groove bicolour coin sandwich composition national changeover plan
banknote printing machinery web press offset printing sheet press
Super Simultan press unprinted area diameter edge lettering
printing plate Super Orlof machine Super Numerota machine optically variable ink
spoiled banknote Abiturient access to employment accreditation of competences
accuracy Community Patrimony Community acquis activity rate
adaptability adaptation contract additional worker hypothesis admission requirements
advanced further training alienation in work alternance training contracts ANOVA
analysis of variance analysis of residuals anchored instruction candidate
applicant applicant countries apprentice master apprenticeship training
apprenticeship apprenticeship contract training contract apprenticeship agreement
apprenticeship tax apprenticeship training trainee workshop training workshop
apprentice workshop qualification arithmetic mean assessment of competences
asymmetry of information asymmetric information attainment achievement of a certificate
automated assessment devolution of authority devolution of power autonomisation
avoidance costs background variable balanced scorecard basic ICT skills
basic skills pre-vocational training basic training basic vocational qualification