height call Localiser Sensitive Area turbojet powered aeroplane fuel jettisoning
take-off distance take-off run adverse operating conditions pressure altitude
ambient temperature clearway distance head-wind head-wind component
headwind component tailwind tailwind component wingspan
wing span intended flight path track change obstacle accountability area
net flight path positive gradient engine failure standard temperature
steep approach procedures Short Landing Operations increased bank angle weather minima
wind limitations glideslope angle approved glideslope angle missed approach criteria
declared safe area VASI airfield unfactored take-off distance
engine failure height all-engine gradient average all-engine gradient landing distance data
to factor landing aid landing gear extended take-off position
climb speed minimum drag position landing gear retracted flight idle
minimum flight idle ground reference point obstacle clearance requirements forward speed
wind effect ambient lighting obstruction lighting field length
field length data landing mass permitted landing mass declared distance
undershooting runway centreline extended runway centreline approach minima
non-precision approach minima approach aid takeoff roll full stop landing
loading cargo centre of gravity standard masses
ballast zero fuel mass structural landing mass passenger classification
crew baggage hand baggage additional baggage holiday charter
charter flight mass value non-revenue carriage standard mass value
domestic flight weighing survey plan balance limit last minute changes
mass control programme fleet mass CG position aerodynamic chord
mean aerodynamic chord fleet tolerance permitted fleet tolerance galley
seat configuration structural limits floor strength floor strength limitation
seating limits maximum seating limits operational CG envelope seat allocation
load distribution assumed load distribution free seating longitudinal seat selection
fuel transfer inbound flights outbound flights seat capacity
passenger category aeroplane registration flight identification number hold load
performance standard minimum performance standard JTSO JAR-TSO
design specifications performance specifications electric torch first-aid kit
emergency medical kit megaphone anchoring minimum practicable deviation
line of vision flight crew station circuit protection device aeroplane operating light
anti-collision light system designated station navigation lights position lights
landing lights separately energised filament windshield wiper day VFR operations
magnetic compass sensitive pressure altimeter sub-scale setting millibars
airspeed indicator turn co-ordinator slip indicator attitude indicator
direction indicator stabilised direction indicator pitot tube heated pitot tube
icing selector compressibility limitations static pressure system
electrical generating system emergency power supply power supply instrument panel
emergency power pitch and roll tumble autopilot
altitude alerting system aural signal visual signal altitude loss
landing configuration incorrect landing configuration downward glideslope deviation collision avoidance system
ACAS weather radar equipment pressurised aeroplane unpressurised aeroplane
expected icing conditions glare dose rate cumulative dose
handset headset public address system selector switch
passenger deck ground personnel boom mask microphone
engine shutdown lift devices drag devices air temperature
primary flight controls pitch trim navigation information primary navigation information
landing gear position normal acceleration seat safety belt
child restraint device berth observer s seat cabin crew complement
single point release secured open first aid oxygen flight duration
mass flow cabin pressure altitude point of flight oxygen equipment
oxygen supply oxygen mask outlets oxygen spare outlet
portable oxygen unit oxygen dispensing unit oxygen supply terminal oxygen supply requirements
Protective Breathing Equipment hand fire extinguisher cargo compartment extinguishing agent
toxic gas concentration crash axe crowbar emergency exit
emergency exit sill overwing exits escape route flap position
collapse of legs portable battery-powered megaphones emergency lighting system general cabin illumination
internal lighting emergency lighting exterior emergency lighting descent assist means
automatic ELT distress frequencies life jackets survivor
survivor locator light flotation devices approved flotation devices life-rafts
ELT S survival ELT extended overwater flights overwater flights
life saving equipment descent profile operating altitude in operable condition
non-wire antennae aeronautical emergency frequency audio selector panel SSR transponder equipment
traffic control facilities beacon MNPS airspace LRNS
aeroplane maintenance requirements approved standard embodiment policy maintenance organisation
Maintenance Management exposition technical log system maintenance release certificate maintenance statement
maintenance status deferred defect maintenance support flight cycle
life-limited aeroplane components overhaul life inspection status aeroplane inspection status
equivalent safety case system panel operator Flight Engineer s licence conversion training
type rating type rating course operator s conversion course unsupervised line flying
differences training familiarisation training multi-crew operations operator proficiency check
line check Commercial Pilot Licence instrument rating aeroplane training
flight simulator training Crew Resource Management CRM training pilot qualification
pilot s seat type rating instructor Type Rating Examiner Advanced Qualification Programme
in-flight relief airline transport pilot ATPL cruise relief co-pilot
flight simulator recency flying skill training engine management emergency handling
departure procedure approach procedure autopilot management in-flight documentation
pilot incapacitation manoeuvres engine-out manoeuvres donning of a lifejacket
security procedures fire-fighting halon extinguishers operator proficiency checks
touch drills precision approach precision instrument approach practice forced landing
complete line operation post-flight procedures pilot flying licence endorsement
cabin aircraft cabin passenger seat emergency evacuation demonstration
maximum capacity familiarisation flight to operate a sector emergency exit operation
emergency procedure evacuation procedure crowd control technique flight desk window
aeroplane operating matters journey log off-block time on-block time
aeroplane journey log duty assignment checkpoint way-point
WYPT Waypoint overhead minimum crew requirement
flight crew scheduling pilot under supervision cabin crew member cabin attendant
crew health precautions flight preparation instructions operating minima en-route operating minima
conditional expressions seating policy ground handling instructions fuelling procedures
prop-brakes hold-over times navigation procedures standard navigational procedures
keyboard entries system degradation altimeter setting procedures TCAS ACAS
adverse atmospheric conditions jetstream volcanic ash cloud mountain wave
significant temperature inversion ATS procedure non revenue flight delivery flight
positioning flight handling accidents communications failure procedures COM- failure procedures
radio listening watch time system distress signal urgency signal
conversion tables speed limitation flight envelope wind limit
performance limitations airframe contamination system limitations cruise and descent