structural limit exceeding structural limits overweight landing lightning strikes
distress communications system failures diversion serious technical failure
TCAS warning emergency ditching emergency landing ditching take-off climb limits
take-off field length obstacle clearance calculation gradient loss en-route climb
en-route climb limit approach climb approach climb limit landing climb
landing climb limit landing field length brake energy allowable configuration
drift-down data dispatcher handling personnel execution of a flight
command course cargo aircraft transport aircraft air-cargo aircraft
proper shipping name shipping documents aircraft pallet igloo
consignment passenger handling staff security staff screening of passengers
packaging specifications marking loading segregation security requirements concealed weapon
aerodrome visual aids EOBT estimated off-block time FCL working group
hectopascal s VHF direction finder heading acceleration
attitude of flight flight attitude attitude go-around
go around bank roll angle of roll
air cargo service air fare air navigation facility air transport undertaking
air transport enterprise air transport product air transport service aircraft parts
ATPL-A associated aircraft rating authorization aviation personnel licence
block time boarding capacity check in
cockpit personnel cockpit crew consecutive cabotage crisis management unit
destination en route-charge flight mechanic flying crew
home state hub airport JAA Committee JAR code
non-scheduled air service charter flight passenger handling professional pilot
rating of licence scheduled air fare scheduled passenger services seat-load factor
take on take up pick up time-table
validation of licence basic configuration cabin pressure crew compartment
commuter category air intake air inlet ice protection
ice protection equipment repair station manual repair station certificate auxiliary flap
take-off procedure feathered propeller transport category aeroplane Supplemental Type Certificate
fuel system main landing gear wing loading retractable
large aircraft major repair operational check ultralight
microlight aeroplane APPR Approach deviation
explosive interception missed approach procedure power unit
ADF Radio Compass abnormal conditions AMSL accident prevention
accountable manager actual density actual icing conditions airworthiness requirements
amphibians applicability RNAV area navigation
automatic landing system banked climbout basic facilities bearing strength
bearing strength requirement bird hazard bird strike bird strike report
bomb threat brake energy limit break-in break-in points
cabin crew scheduling cabin crew seat cabin decompression cabin depressurisation
cabin pressurisation failure cabin safety requirements category centreline marking
Certificate of Registration certificated maximum capacity certificated operating altitude chart holder
class rating class rating course cockpit procedures cockpit warning
contingency procedure continued take-off continuous power continuous thrust
dangerous device declared landing distance dome lights fuel flow
fuel usage fuel consumption GPWS bromochlorodifluoro-methane
index system limit value main passenger deck propeller driven aeroplane
quality system radio altimeter reading radio communication equipment radio equipment
radio transmission keying ramp departure rating rating re defuelling
rearward galley area recency requirement re-clearance recurrent checks
refusal of embarkation registration marking rejected take-off re-land
reliability programme reporting of accidents required airspeed indicator required landing distance
required navigation performance reserve fuel rest requirements re-stowage
restraint bar revised flight plan roll-out route segment
runway contamination runway edge runway edge lighting runway end
runway slope RVR reporting point RVR visibility RVSM airspace
safe area safe operational practices secondary surveillance radar sector altitude
SSR interrogations demonstration flight ferry flight outside air temperature
pilot non-flying nominal descent slope flight crew report skill test
theoretical knowledge examination medical fitness invasive procedure pilot training organisation
Flying Training Organisation training record theoretical knowledge instruction type rating training
single engined Single-engine Single-engine piston aeroplane PPL A
cross-country navigation principles of flight external visual reference crosswind landing
crosswind take-off short-field landing level off clean stall
descending turn aerodrome arrival procedure flapless landing ATP A integrated course
simulated engine failure critically high airspeed track error diversion planning
go-around action asymmetric flight pre-flight procedure in flight manoeuvre
pre-take off briefing trim technique ice protection procedures expedited take off
commuter category aeroplane glare shield heating stall avoidance device stability augmentation device
electrical fire low visibility pattern jammed horizontal stabiliser out-of-trim position
call out procedure flying accuracy synthetic flight instruction ME SPA
parts and appliances declaration of compliance certifying staff modification part
stall whipstall whip stall lazy eight
steep turn banked turn Spin full throttle
take-off configuration nose gear nose-over pile up
tip over nose over turn-over turnover
ground loop water loop swinging limit load factor
joystick stick control lever trim speed
straight flight straight flight static stability static longitudinal stability
slip sideslip sideslip angle angle of sideslip
inverted flight dynamic stability Dutch roll Dutch roll
Dutch roll phugoid oscillation phugoid elevator
pitch-up tuck-up pitch up stall warning
buffeting buffet elevator control force ultimate load
aerodynamic force fatigue failure fatigue strength fatigue limit
flutter natural frequency float horn
control horn approved operating limitations approved operating limitation trimming device
trimmer turn-buckle turnbuckle splice
fairlead retracted overload energy absorption
retractable landing gear brake torque main float watertight door
mixture control pointer nose up turbosupercharger
turbosuper-charger turbosuper-chargers exhaust-driven supercharger airflow
engine mounting engine mount electrical bonding nacelle
turbine wheel turbine rotor firewall fire-plate
in flight false start engine ignition pusher propeller
intercooler landing gear strut thrust spoiler thrust reverser
surge surge flame-out flameout negative acceleration
intended operation condition structural load permanent strain permanent deformation
fuel manifold shut-off valve oil strainer flight operations
fuel metering lean mixture liquid cooling upstream