basis tunnel base tunnel European Citizens Charter direct group catering
reservation network international reservation system preputial material canicola serotype
pomona serotype grippotyphosa serotype hardjo serotype icterohaemorrhagica serotype
lincomycin spectinomycin marine column salt meadow
thermo-Atlantic halophilous scrub halo-nitrophilous scrub embryonic shifting dune grey dune
wooded dune humid dune slack dune grassland open grassland
oligotrophic water exposed bank oligo-mesotrophic water temporary pond
thermo-mediterranean brush pre-steppe brush sclerophyllous grazed forest eutrophic tall herbs
hay meadow degraded raised bog quaking bog alkaline fen
calcareous fen alpine pioneer formation siliceous scree eutric scree
thermophilous scree limestone pavement beech forest oak-hormbeam forest
ravine forest fraxinus angustifolia woods Caledonian forest residual alluvial forest
gallery forest thermo-Mediterranean riparian gallery palm stand palm grove
acidophilous forest endemic black pine endemic Mesogean pine anaesthetic bait
forecast supply balance mandatory act advance tax tax on assets
chlorofluorine derivative tax incentive scheme toy eraser contract involving consideration
arbitration service conciliation service indicative notice declaration of bankrupting
declaration of bankruptcy physical health judicial redress judicial remedy
judicial claim pedicurist chiropodist claimant
own-debt security troll croaker net Broadband Island
road information system route guidance system aeronautical public correspondence pre-funded scheme
Critical Control Point fragile species linkage principle storage installation
vapour recovery unit bottom loading equipment flat-rate reference income average production income
banana coefficient potato delivery certificate environment-friendly packaging iso-butanol
isobutanol isobutyl phthalate mainframe computer mainframe
supermini tapioca tafia arrack
carcase classification standard double-muscled carcase type silkworm transformation premium
processing premium additional duty raw spirits neutral spirits
neutral alchohol annual contract cetyl alcohol stearyl alcohol
oleyl alcohol packing date sell-by date laying date
conformity check processing certificate statistical threshold partner country
route costs fare-type costs promotional fare club-fare
operating ratio business traffic quota-volume amount of quota
quota duty straight cut pistola hindquarter pistola cut
synthetic calcium aluminate zinc oxide orthosomycin salt spray
indoor footwear copra oil coconut oil incomplete vehicle
extension number end-of-series vehicle representative vehicle hill-starting ability
injection timing interference suppressor particulate trap particulate filter
lubricating pump breakaway braking device reference point seating reference point
R point forward control ramp angle driving axle
powered axle drive axle steered axle family of types
twin-propulsion vehicle insurance contract law imposition of sanctions second-hand goods
swirl chamber injection pump kit car telepoint application
wetland business tax re-entry visa competent body
competent authority flying squid short-finned squid European flying squid
white marlin Atlantic white marlin gondola tunas
mackerels carpet shell orfe roach
European carp common carp tench carp and carp-like-fish
cyprinids carp pike-perch perch
European perch European whitefish trouts chars
European smelt salmonids powan pollan
Spanish ling morid cods moras gadiforms
gadiformes dusky grouper seabasses seaperches
groupers sweetlips grunts meagre
lean meat large-eye dentex Atlantic redfishes common dentex
red gurnard Atlantic saury blue-fish bluefish
dogfish sharks groundfishes pelagic fishes finfishes
palinurid spiny lobsters European flat oyster Portuguese cupped oyster blue mussel
razor clams octopuses stony sea-urchin purple sea urchin
brown seaweed seaweeds marine macroalgae red hake
summer flounder tautog tilefish Atlantic butterfish
Atlantic menhaden bay anchovy American conger American shad
Atlantic thread herring Baird s smooth head Baird s slickhead blueback herring
gizzard shad rainbow smelt spot croaker spot
tarpon soft clam red seaweeds control of chemicals
individual agreement environmentally friendly energy fast courier service host State
geo-stationary orbit orbital resource radio frequency spectrum terrestrial interface
sub-assembly Saint Andrew s cross lithophagous mollusc method of haulage
bottom net tuna seine urchin estate road
successor State organ donor card sectorial Directive sectoral Directive
packaging waste severance grant staff report conversion loan
service infrastructure cost oxalic acid exchange official host service
donor service unlimited tax liability right of use chlorophenol
bass property rights food supplement dietary supplement
confidentiality provision maize stalk programmable logic controller group pension insurance
culled boar culled sow cull sow covered sow
milk ewe cable television network high-productive line double-stack container transport
systems-based planning intelligent road-vehicle interoperable radar equipment transport service
clarification measure statistical unit local unit business register
under-capitalisation thin capitalization headquarters costs statutory rate
nominal rate taxable benefit taxable profit assessable profit
depreciation rate basis for depreciation provision deducting charges
deductibility loss brought forward carry-forward of losses historic cost
tax receipts tax revenue tax yield tax proceeds
reciprocity rule local tax tax handle tax specialist
tax expert HERMIN econometric model reverse distortion
first generation agreement multilateral action programme controlled economy managed economy
planned economy command economy competition law exemption regulation
exempting Regulation prior consent statement of refusal natural gas
explored area relinquishment plan carbon dioxide emission road builder
water worker well driller sewer builder pipelayer
mastic asphalter mastic insulator mason pavior crane operator
scaffolder construction plant operator tracklayer platelayer
polyamide fibre polyamide caprolactam nylon salt
hexamethylene diamine adipate adiponitrile hexamethylene diamine molten polymer
polymer granulate bulked continuous filament integrated company industrial engineering resin
decitex dominant position filament yarn continuous-filament yarn
melt spinning spun staple fibre polypropylene fibre tufted carpet
tufting good faith negotiation national coordinator host administration
market niche binding legal instrument shelled product shucked product