production price ex-farm value cif price common price
sluice-gate price entry price investment income derived intervention price
norm price guide-price offer price guide price
basic price reference price withdrawal price cost price
threshold price activating threshold price world price world market price
free-at-frontier price target price production target price producer target price
minimum price minimum import price single price production refund
countervailing charge compensatory tax gross register tonnage international unit
technical rule technical requirement pulse coded modulation pulse code modulation
telecommunications organisation multipoint service VSAT microterminal
one-stop shopping free-at-frontier offer price telepoint service voice telephony
paging grubbing-up premium mobile telephone mobile phone
PSDN RPOA one-stop billing operating licence
radio frequency tendering security place of departure multiple sclerosis
declaration on oath statutory declaration solemn declaration slot
megabyte burnishing head mate watchkeeping officer
telco telecommunications operator cover secretarial skills
secretarial work Documentation Service - Brussels documentation centre programming division
Advanced Photographic System retroreflection foul air flow regulation device
road safety barrier safety barrier safety fence crash barrier
impact attenuator crash cushion crash speed Polished Stone Value
failsafe device road safety device acceleration severity index shatter property
break-away safety reverberation time finishing layer material hygrometric expansion coefficient
hygroscopic humidity content trace heater independent rate action budgetary stabiliser
blocking patent mountain lift system funicular vehicle cable car
gondola chair lift drag lift line engineering
cableway rescue car loan provider lender iron dust
shreddered car scrap textile bonding folded yarn plied yarn
single ply yarn doubled yarn FCDM WCFFM
large-scale distributors antimony oxide multimedia publishing centralised procedure
decentralised procedure multi-state procedure clementine unmarked car
ghost car ESSOR Nuclear System intellectual property agreement indemnity agreement
investment agreement bilateral investment agreement neutral element direct transport
goods declaration registry charge application for rectification procedural document
originating application NSI network green national accounts national accounts aggregate
statistical confidentiality micro-economic study household panel family budget survey
bubbling blowing through ammonium sulphite ammonium bisulphite
retsina wine quantitative quota GEONOM Geonomenclature
radio conferencing apparatus growth cycle growing cycle non-rotational fallow
meadow fescue smooth meadow-grass Kentucky blue grass rye grass
perennial ryegrass English rye-grass timothy Timothy grass
common cat s-tail vetch bent grass anti-knock preparation
gum inhibitor doped silicon polyterpene polysulphide
evergreen species unsized fabric alfa broom
sisal cupro cuprammonium rayon modal fibre
modal protein fibre viscose fibre viscose
acrylic fibre chlorofibre fluorofibre modacrylic fibre
consumption expenditure vinylal fibre vinylal trivinyl fibre
elastane fibre spandex fiber elastane paper yarn
combed fibre carded fibre loose fibre orientated fibre
vacuum flask de-ionised water benzylalcohol benzyl alcohol
dimethylformamide azeotropic mixture selenium dioxide bromocresol green
tussah silk rapid disbursement facility minor recipient more important recipient
double signature account information highway information superhighway I-Way
digital superhighway orphan illness sustainable consumption assessment of validity
arsenic pentoxide arsenious acid nickel oxide chloraniline
nickel monoxide nickel dioxide nickel sulphide sulphur dichloride
trinickel disulphide chloromethyl-methyl-ether arsenic acid dimethylcarbamoyl
propanesultone water reutilisation cotton linen union binding warp
sympathetic friend handhold stanchion upwelling advanced gas-cooled reactor
ECDIN full roaming implantable device MWTDPS
active therapeutical device dimethyl-oxazolidine sonicator genital trichomoniasis
flash EPROM Sunday rule phasing in ortho-chlorobenzylidenemalononitrile
non-encrypted programme basic requirement livestock auction mart zinc chloride battery
chemical check broadcasting body television broadcasting organisation broadcaster
packing materials packing material language division combustor
combustion chamber purification device cargo allocation loading authorisation
steel ladle Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy coil coating non-performance of a contract
stability in heat sensitivity to impact sensitivity to friction detonation sensitivity
grabrail self-adhesive sticker no quotation calcium silicide
personal watercraft submersible toerail safety rail
hatch self-draining boat multi-hulled ship multihull craft
inter-library loan inter-library lending alkylbenzene alkylnaphthalene
bending roller chlorinated solvent industrialised country debt funding
debt consolidation artificial filament fabric coated fabric detectability threshold
Gaffkaemia disease Halal method cold shutdown safeguards system
processor media library mediatheque moral right
incineration plant incineration by oxidation plasma process start-up operation
shut-down operation hazardous waste feed dust arrestment plant total dust
PeCDD pentachlorodibenzodioxin Hexachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin HpCDD
heptachlorodibenzodioxin OCDD octachlorodibenzodioxin TCDF
tetrachlorodibenzofuran PeCDF pentachlorodibenzofuran HxCDF
hexachlorodibenzofuran HpCDF heptachlorodibenzofuran OCDF
octachlorodibenzofuran test strip inductively coupled plasma waste fraction
fraction of waste spray absorption wet gas-cleaning lime milk
after-burning spray absorber dry electrostatic precipitator baghouse filter
wet ESP wet electrostatic precipitator receivable order research centre
lease maintenance contract GMDSS salaried employee
white-collar worker tunas olive fly blind spot
ApMV apple mosaic virus rose mosaic virus agglutinating serum
monreal data link Transparent Substrate ice breaker
stranding running aground surveillance radar conceptual design activities
telesales telephone selling BNYVV Canarian Hubara
cost and freight thermoluminescence dosimeter establishing tax losses replacement passport
roster tax law tax legislation fiscal law
ovine encephalomyelitis louping ill siftings succession
inheritance coolant thermal sleeve thermal shield
grappling iron igniter cord earth increment defective goods
lift-van spreadsheet electronic spreadsheet program contested Article
slack wax CLRV clearing-house mechanism LOAEL