lowest-observed-adverse-effect level PNEC conformity test conformance testing
Predicted Environmental Concentration common spoonbill take-off pipe diastase activity
residual content operator-assisted paging service tone standard agency agreement
standard subscriber agreement Additional Declaration joint-venture agreement operation agreement
operating agreement PSTV yellowfin tuna demersal trawling
guarantee fund policyholder policy holder gamete
cell count somatic cell Magnetic Resonance Imaging health inspection
breeding establishment mobile radiotelephony citrus nomenclature source-identified reproductive material
forestry seed foam plastics industry gable-top carton partition the market
distribution facilities pool output price pool price adjusted premium
paratuberculosis Johne s disease vinyl acetate monomer humanitarian organisation
humanitarian agency specific quantitative restriction bovine tuberculosis topography of semiconductors
safety glazing safety glass nutritional claim nutrition claim
fibre rinderpest cattle plague branch of activity
acquired company acquiring company receiving company transferring company
trichloroethene trichloroethylene ethylenetrichloride FMDV
foot-and-mouth vaccine foot-and-mouth disease vaccine classical swine fever exchange of shares
Community co-insurance durability liaison group family carer
informal carer carer target rate technological target area
subscriber European Scrapping Fund bark pocket ingrown bark
magnetic levitation train contract research organisation cross-frontier development association CFDs
contract for differences fundamental observation orthophenylene diamine pitch pocket
MDNS dense sodium carbonate thiomersal screening
raster comminuted meat Integrated Pollution Control integrated broadband communication
HDPE high-density polyethylene noise pollution noise disamenity
Capital Adequacy Directive fixed service Eurasian otter European otter
Old World otter otter common otter holder
hexachlorodibenzoparadioxin hexachlorcyclohexane hexachlorocyclohexane benzenehexachloride
arts administrator express delivery service fresh meat express lane
steel stockholder deposit Community-wide eco-labelling system right of establishment
semolina agricultural extension hydrofluoroalkanes Solvency Ratio Directive
forestry research DCLAA LAADC reduction
product liability parties submissions mineworkers bonus partnership
preventing drug addiction CBPP contagious bovine pleuro-pneumonia viro-immunological research
integrated broadband network transition period transitional period tide-over period
authorised medicated pre-mix adhesion promoter official price institutional price
pool input price blue-veined cheese rape seed colza seed
castor seed castor bean sunflower seed uperised milk
UHT-milk seed flax palm-kernel oil flow of cash
dried leguminous vegetables condensed milk methenamine child-resistant fastening
child-proof fastening reaction intermediate specific migration limit flint maize
invalidity disability metallic matrix isocyanate moiety
greenway green corridor import licence import certificate
ceramic composite trade mark provisions exclusive distribution agreement exclusive distributorship
exclusive dealing contract galalith advance fixing certificate mineral feedingstuff
urban community polyvinyl chloride intervention buying-in intervention buying
external aid mediator employment premium decision by consensus
sentinel animal just-in-time supply Euro-Infocentre European Information Centre
Euro-info Centre mucilage safflower crushing industry parboiled rice
freezer seiner surface longliner arable crop operations before take-off
catering equipment enrichment of wines tranche repayment of advances
double entry method bleomycin fire blight off-land livestock farmer
division of powers San José scale legislative power carryover payment
defaulter jet fuel cleaning bee transit visa
purchasing power standard conference technician conference officer Commercial Pilot Licence
kerosene resale price maintenance flank abdominal fillet
methyl bromide bromomethane legal personality intelligent building system
building automation customer contractor relationship Head of Protocol Aujeszky s disease virus
RDBMS RDMS Community groundwater policy thin flank
flank DEHP diethylhexyl phthalate DIHP
Spanish Lynx bulldozer angledozer assistant nursery nurse
Euro-Youth Group composite contract Myxosomiasis whirling disease
myxobolosis loggerhead turtle urban environment environmentally compatible agriculture
ecologically sustainable farming acute human poisoning poison-antidote centre poison centre
man-made disaster subordinated loan geodesy topography
levelling carbonless paper copying paper NCR paper
self-copy paper self-copying paper carbonless copy paper desirability study
Construction Products Directive European foulbrood fixed charge logistic support vessel
near infrared FTIR Fourier Transform Infrared propyl alcohol
lump sum contract unit-price contract cost-plus contract provisional price contract
coastline development project restocking of waterways grooved carpet shell clam
variegated scallop scrubber sludge animal health condition rearing establishment
hatchery quarantine authorized veterinarian authorised veterinarian
approved laboratory distribution outlet grid of origin radio identity code
paging receiver European Social Space European Social Area frame relay
one-stop authorisation flexible retirement heat treated milk egg product
satellite earth station posidonia bed liner shipping company Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
teratogenic substance teratogen high speed steel spot check
occasional random checking warning letter capital duty annual duty
employers contribution no measures notified exportability principle government programme contract
passenger capacity dihydrostreptomycin outbound fare inbound fare
core site speaking note soft tick amphibole asbestos
three-point seat belt two-tier application maize meal masa flour
maize flour ACCA pile-driver replacement market
acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymer acrylonitrile-butadienestyrene copolymer guillotining scoring
folding bookbinding binding stitching
binding packing casting off page layout
marking up copy keyboarding stripping in mounting
sizing key drawing pasting up imposing
displacement vector refresh vector generator
point raster plotter liner transport scheduled transport
liner shipping antiballistic-missile shield antimissile defence shield antimissile screen
defence shield defence umbrella missile-proof shield space-shield
antiballistic-missile screen financial flow pooling agreement shock wave
blast wave public switched network synchronous digital hierarchy warhead
air defence system coasting flight ballistic flight ballistic-missile submarine
vesicant blister agent AAFSS naturalisation
receiver wiggler mopping-up transfer collective transfer
organisation of work work organisation employment system mixer
near-video-on-demand service business related service legally binding nature binding legal force