transboundary watercourse abuse of power false statement counterfeit money
counterfeit currency UPUP giving evidence ASPHER
drawing falsification benzothiazole aggravating circumstance
mitigating circumstance bribery attempt corruptor juvenile delinquency
vagrant conjecture conscientious objection witness against -
prosecution witness public safety single judge forester
forest ranger driving disqualification plaintiff claiming damages instigator
search methylcyclohexanone discharge resolution contract territory
shareholding shareholding broad multiple bid incurrence of liabilities
commitment deactivation process standard value extension service
plant organisation agronomy nicotine sulphate encrypted programme
spermicide tax inspector whooping cough basic health care
front-line State female unemployment rate social cost statutory obligation
unnotified aid non-notified aid development plan industrial building land
prospective building land serviced building land pay slip objection of illegality
graphic paint box mining rights measure of support Parties Group
inconsistent measure domestic price chiropractic chiropractor
administrative expense discharge report severance payment Flag State Implementation
category of agreements servicing contract goods contract programme
investor compensation scheme hexachloroethane secondary aluminium sales agency
neighbouring market sole control undertaking concerned remaining shareholder
exiting shareholder audited accounts gross premium written outward reinsurance premium
interest-bearing security interbank loan balance sheet asset strawpaper
strawboard unbleached straw pulp commercial catalogue bulb flat
guillotine parallel purchase cooperative purchasing association advertising concentration
money broking trans-shipment rerouting contractual licence
storage programme producer retirement programme intermediation service appellate review
anti-circumvention measure portfolio management Ministerial Conference Council for TRIPS
developed country Member decision-making by consensus separate customs territory Marrakesh Protocol
less-developed Contracting Party developed Contracting Party specific mandatory legislation statistical notification
bound tariff item reporting obligation notification obligation counter-notification
price-based measure import surcharge import deposit requirement full consultation procedure
simplified consultation procedure least-developed country Member Trade Policy Review tariff offer
basic agricultural product budgetary outlay Base Total AMS Current Total AMS
variable import levy trigger level c i f unit value non-actionable subsidy
reduction commitment Government service programme de-coupled income support income insurance programme
income safety-net programme resource retirement programme designated product local government body
non-governmental body technical expert group fragmented industry WTO Secretariat
CCC Secretariat user Member exporting Member exporter Member
harmonisation work programme pre-competitive development activity level of concessions security exception
modifying Member custodial service intra-corporate communications covered agreement
establishment of a panel panel process composition of a panel single panel
expert review group weight feather meal enterobacteriaceae
field of use toxin formation pentane full fee
phenolic resin economic right translation memory tumour-inducing effect
phenotypic marker export ban CONSOB Stock exchange committee
audible alarm device Socialist Party Social Democratic Party cusk-eels
brotulas methyl formate silane cyclopentane
picryl chloride drug trafficker drug dealer methyl sulfide
isoprene legal position commercial secrecy business secret
butanol isobutyl vinyl ether di-n-propylether ethyl formate
iso-butyl acetate ethyl acrylate thiophene fusel oil
allyl chloride dimethyldichlorosilane diethylamine dimethylamine
triethylamine nonane directory enquiry service limonene
mesitylene iso-butyl alcohol diethylaminoethanol anisole
methyl phenyl ether methylphenylether anisol acetylacetone
triethyl phosphite trimethyl phosphite isobutyl acrylate isopropyl chloroacetate
oil of camphor yellow phosphorus musk xylene ammonium persulphate
silver nitrate cobalt sulphate allylamine crotonaldehyde
nitrobenzene hydroperoxycumene phenylacetonitrile aminophenol
turpentine oil furfuryl alcohol HCBD hexachlorobutadiene
bromobenzyl cyanide trimethylhexamethylene diisocyanate phenyl mercury nitrate copper cyanide
sodium azide arsenic trichloride calcium arsenate vanadium pentoxide
potassium fluoride oleum ammonium hydrogen fluoride potassium bifluoride
phosphorus pentachloride chromoxychloride phosphorus trichloride thionyl chloride
chromic acid stoneware bromoacetic acid butyric acid
caproic acid lithium hydroxide cyclohexylamine origin criterion
minimal intervention technique trans-European multimodal network TTIM BEMA
GNP capping level currency adjustment factor extensification premium Phare-democracy programme
ecological criterion household waste Visegrad associated country Paris Club creditor
criminal law decision criminal decision foreign-exchange profit exchange rate gain
transfer allowance removal expenses special assistance grant staff exchange
entertainment expenses representation expenses fitting-out of premises catalogue unit
petty expenses freelance typing officially tuberculosis-free status officially brucellosis-free status
Rate Committee Contract Committee capacity non-utilization agreement space slot chartering
vessel-sharing agreement slot-charter activity sea transport service containerised liner transport
conventional liner transport break-bulk liner transport port handling prefabricated building material
liquid goods neo-bulk vessel services market inland haulage
mobility of fleets seasonal fluctuation cyclical excess capacity DSVK
German Shippers Council common rate sailing rights capacity adjustment
non-tariff cooperation formal oral hearing world-wide turnover Community-wide turnover
EFTA-wide turnover NVO-MTO port equalization price-fixing agreement
cartelisation soda lime glass mature market freight pool system
oligopolistic market parallel exporter methane venting water pumping
inherited liability pensioning-off of workers statutory retirement age legal retirement age
hearing loss regional coal company liquidation value calibration check
calibration procedure digital television signal QUID Quantitative Ingredients Declaration
repair clause monopoly right start-up turnover threshold
basic patent applying Directive refrigeration appliance refrigerator-cellar
cross-category official non-cross-category official potential competition fiscal formality
customs formality METS ranitidine high-quality road
UNSOCIES green waste selective waste sorting illegal work
frontier town frontier city data-processing assistant market analysis
anaphylaxis Food Intolerance Bank livestock trail oleophilic fertiliser
inorganic aqueous fertiliser recruitment notice notice of recruitment industrial product
industrial good Unemployment Security Act widows allowance employment pension
civil servant s pension miner s supplementary benefit pension contingency special maternity allowance
administrative check Provincial Employment Office Arctic bramble fruit spirit
Caraway-flavoured spirit drink Pannonic salt steppe Pannonic salt marsh Pannonic inland dune
Sub-continental steppic grassland Pannonic steppe Pannonic sand steppe Western taiga