training organization training body elementary education primary education
elementary cycle engineering intercultural education acidulant
acidifier continuing vocational training midwifery diploma self-instruction system
educational television institutional contract home-country professional title horizontal measure
education programme vocational training school higher vocational school master class
industrial master school building craftsmen school master school third cycle doctorate
degree course NITEC secondary school graduate in philosophy
hindquarter dianetics informing party re-utilization
NWTC probation officer SCOTVEC Youth Training Scheme
MLSO dental therapist dental hygienist mine deputy
prosthetist trade mark agent SRITO LITO
apprentice training centre Labour Market Training orthopaedic bootmaker surgical truss maker
apprenticeship contract Prometheus Association PETRA EUROFORM
vocational training school ACTDP ACVT ACTN
CCFI Committee of Experts MATTHAEUS-TAX Matthaeus Committee
Lingua Advisory Committee Technical Vocational School HRTP teacher training
teacher education Cedefop CEPFAR SEDOC
Executive Training Programme vocational studies certificate Vocational Skills Certificate designer
vocational training operation occupational opening vocational guidance job counselling
multiplier-effect project pre-training student placement advanced training
multidisciplinarity learning costs attestation of competence occupational achievements
professional experience job experience adaptation period aptitude test
academic title insolvency practitioner receiver in bankruptcy referee in bankruptcy
trustee in bankruptcy assignee in bankruptcy training seminar assessment seminar
research grant holder further vocational training refresher training further training
CESD regulated professional activity Women s Training Network Labour Market Board
National Coordination Unit National Coordinating Unit IRTU NGAA
World Economic Institute D M V D V M D Vet Med
M D V M V D European Technical Network EUROTECNET
DELTA European University Institute European Education Project NARIC
violence chip v-chip D Med Dr Med
Doctor of Medicine D Iur Doctor of Laws Dr Iur
Dr Jur Dr LL Doctor of Law doctor
International Baccalaureate European cooperation programme CERI class frequency
absolute frequency abridged life table adult mortality cereal product
withdrawal cure withdrawal treatment detoxification import authorization
Master of Labour right of appeal adult education institute dual learning
sandwich course alternance training sport academy Euro-Arab University
Transatlantic cooperation bilateral programme multimedia distance training multimedia distance learning
Education Committee early teaching initial training socio-educational youth worker
adult education in-service training information worker Inter-university Cooperation Programme
Tempus PRODEP Free Ukrainian University PETE
honorary doctor Vocational Retraining Centre HRTF TF-HRETY
Parents Association teacher Joint Training Council BTEC
CCST EADTU National Craft Certificate ELTA
CHEEC complementary measure association complementary measure publication study visit
Technical Secondary Education Vocational Secondary Education commercial college ARION
COMETT Athens Health Faculty MED-CAMPUS thesis
Public Aviation School EURYCLEE intermediate vocational training general secondary education
Higher Vocational Education apprenticeship system Preparatory Vocational Education Modern Language Studies
technical diploma vocational lycée primary education certificate higher degree
School of Commerce introductory seminar vocational training certificate vocational training certificate
rules governing languages legitimate user effective amount recycling charge
unadulterated polyethylene recycled polyethylene co-extrusion process pendent curly cable
irreversible insolvency State guarantee sensitive sector IRCAC
religious intolerance bareboat charterer integrated manufacturing production mix
network monopoly special-interest channel general-interest channel multiplex
advertising break teleshopping spot S-PCS satellite-personal communications system
network control centre World Radiocommunication Conference Synergy Synergy Committee
reproductive health care informed party JTMP Urban Pilot Project
historic centre detailed financial breakdown food ingredient nutritional effect
universal postal service tariff principle transparency of accounts public postal network
document exchange postal item incoming cross-border mail mail advertising
mail marketing direct mail clearance point inviolability of correspondence
accounting separation ball valve Community agricultural statistics Innovation Relay Centre
constant volume sampling damping chamber dilution air pump differential pressure transducer
dilution tunnel structural adjustment loan flow controller bighead carp
barometer gasket sniffing inhalation
tropospheric ozone engine type information folder maximum torque speed
HCLD heated chemiluminescent detector flow divider pressure control valve
dilution air filter holder magnetic drive chemostat
deoxycytidine deoxyadenosine amatol concessional credit
nitroglycol participating undertaking insurance holding company procedure for derogation
EFSAL price liberalization exchange regime competing manufacturer
husked grain market development measure professional freedom job rotation
common organisational structure economic relations docosanoic acid book money
quasi money scriptural money bank money sugar cane
cane earnings specific measure industrial plant
threshing bodywork dairy cooperative fuel regulator
fuel pressure regulator crude fibre existing ship existing craft
ecgonine benzoylester whitecurrant world market husk
nominal wage Officer industrial honey honeydew honey
intake system contact-point gap oat flakes confusional state
mental obnubilation production line frictional unemployment exclusive licensing agreement
final declaration DAKE isophoron structural unemployment
continuing training working time arrangements right to information right of information
job content seasonal unemployment public interest social planning
mediation intellectual work cyclical unemployment trade union law
work-to-rule working conditions hourly pay freephone service
Teutonic Order Military Gallantry Medal Military Galantry Cross Sea Gallantry Medal
Sea Gallantry Commendation Aeronautical Gallantry Medal Benemerenti Medal agaricic acid
agaric acid percentage plague meconic acid
EICC Euro-info Correspondence Centre Taliban Taleban
methyl alcohol Staff Regulations Committee European Voluntary Service melengestrol acetate
inhuman treatment act of terrorism wettability overseas social insurance
overseas occupation substitute period mainstreaming basic anti-dumping Regulation
c-DNA hybridisation procedure anti-corrosion coating anti-fouling coating wood stain
volatile aromatic hydrocarbon tinting system calcium lignosulphonate Hexanaphthene
hexahydrophenol epoxidised soybean oil epoxidised soyabean oil acetic ether
ethyl acetic acid valeric acid pelargonic acid capric acid