lauroleic acid myristoleic acid ricinoleic acid castor oil acid
fatty alcohol butyl alcohol caproyl alcohol enanthyl alcohol
capryl alcohol nonyl alcohol pelargonic alcohol decyl alcohol
lauryl alcohol tridecyl alcohol myristyl alcohol tetradecanol
lauryl myristyl alcohol cetylstearylalcohol cetyl stearyl alcohol butyl myristrate
oleyl palmitate cetyl stearate methyl laurate methyl dodecanoate
methyl palmitate methyl hexadecanoate methyl stearate methyl octadecanoate
methyl oleate methyl octadecenoate glycol butanediol
polypropylene glycol trimethylene glycol isodecyl alcohol isononyl alcohol
isooctyl alcohol hexahydric alcohol accredited delegate World Food Conference
bilateral food aid multilateral food aid pick-up baler physical disability
census area total fertility rate plant breeder s certificate plasmid virulence determinant
pooled technology pure licensing agreement resistance marker self-cloning
self-transmissible vector insert survivors insurance disinfection treatment disinfestation treatment
birth weight fermented milk designation of origin appellation of origin
rebalancing measure separated forequarter service mark complementarity
curd cheese curd transit transport belt
cereal product shelled grain acidified milk sanguine
blood orange centre for arbitration arbitration centre artificial honey
candy sugar control of origin process belt provisional duty decision
recombined butter request for assistance rice starch sliced grain
sultana Unilateral Declaration unseparated hindquarter whey
white crystalline powder tree nut Free Democrats Theatre Missile Defence
sodium L-ascorbate tocopherol zinc chloride rotary hoe
niacin sweet lupin textile plant fibre plant
wild hop oilseed rough grazing land rough grazing
olive plantation olive grove successive cropping greenhouse
hoeing machine motor mower combine-harvester forage harvester
cholecalciferol thiamine hydrochloride thiamin hydrochloride thiamine mononitrate
thiamin mononitrate nicotine-amide nicotinamide pyridoxine hydrochloride
pyridoxine dipalmitate D-panthenol dexpanthenol cyanocobalamine
cyanocobalamin hydroxocobalamine hydroxocobalamin biotin
cysteine choline choline bitartrate inositol
carnitine carnitin L-carnitine hydrochloride minor element
trace element micro-element magnesium sulphate ferrous fumarate
ferric saccharate cupric sulphate cupric sulfate sodium iodide
potassium iodide international transport iron sulphate ferrous sulphate
forage plant zinc acetate potassium ascorbate table olive
cupric carbonate manganese carbonate ferrous carbonate cupric citrate
choline citrate manganese citrate zinc citrate ferrous citrate
manganese chloride copper-lysine complex young child agricultural crop
annual crop ferric pyrophosphate ferric diphosphate sodium ferric diphosphate
D-pantothenate solid dung glyceride calcium glycerophosphate
magnesium glycerophosphate manganese glycerophosphate potassium glycerophosphate cupric gluconate
copper gluconate magnesium gluconate manganese gluconate zinc gluconate
chemical index inosine potassium iodate sodium iodate
zinc lactate linoleate cultivator culinary plant
medicinal plant citrus plantation temporary grass net protein utilisation
temporary residence sodium selenate sodium selenite manganese sulphate
zinc sulphate infertile land four-wheel tractor liaison magistrate
numbering policy specified bovine material Chamber of Handicrafts HRMS
high-resolution mass spectrometry neuropeptide Y HSA-UWC Moonies
Unification Church freedom of conscience freedom of thought new religious movement
front organisation solemn commitment recruitment technique love bombing
deprogramming deprogrammer brainwashing control of diet
process of indoctrination guru prophet E meter
meditational movement Rajneesh orange folk tantric element
zinc dibutyldithiocarbamate zinc diethyldithiocarbamate future development clause space segment operator
gateway operator flour financial-futures contract made-to-measure product
stock market index stock index Eurocurrency Committee Eucheuma Gum
programme support unit basic compulsory scheme accidental death three-rolls-bending machine
NEDD EMIS urban agglomeration fodder root
fodder brassica white spirit Stoddard solvent first option clause
mango lemon ADTT AIDE
Investment-Development-Employment Action Power Purchase Agreement CEDIM Chinese Patent Office
CTMO TESS EFLF legal risk
net surfing surfing Internet surfing salad beetroot
celeriac edible root pineapple pawpaw
papaya quince apricot prune
almond filbert hazelnut cobnut
EDDA joint-disposal LNTG bearer cheque
cellular radiotelephony NCAC EUTC shared cost service
shared revenue service S-PCS hydroxyl hydroxyl number
chloroacetyl chloride glycolether organic dust quartz
polycondensation trade corridor rate of urbanization Head of Mission
trypanosomiasis CIPT ECBM thiamine
thiamin rules of origin PCDF polychlorodibenzofurane
polychlorinated dibenzo-furan ecotoxicological testing refugee sur place airport transit visa
airport transit arrangements test substance lethal threshold dose Japanese quail
lowest lethal concentration microcosm mesocosm chronic sediment toxicity
rodenticidal bait sublethal effect parasitoid TERa
toxicity exposure ratio TERst TERlt estimated theoretical exposure
contact toxicity median lethal time premium for tobacco varroacide
residue test cage test tunnel test field test
inert matter Alcohol Act Merger Regulation interregional association
trade discipline agri-food standard industrial standard Customs Cooperation Protocol
trade office regional integration citrus register five-year set-aside
market bonus quality promotion measure unskilled worker Teschen disease virus
IPI Code liquid-liquid exchange column whisker diethyl dimethylphosphoramidate
elaiophylin composite structure chopped fibres flow-forming machine
spin-forming machine vacuum induction filamentary material electronic assembly
olaquindox aromatic polyamide pulp clostridium perfringens toxin TMETN
trimethylolethane trinitrate turboexpander-compressor set avian influenza virus rinderpest virus
swine fever virus ASFV sheep pox virus hog cholera virus
RSSE Russian spring-summer encephalitis Corsican Welsh language
Welsh Basque Frisian West Frisian
Western Frisian Friesian ECMS guest beer
public telecoms operator public telephone operator Public Telecommunications Operator anti-social behaviour
confabulation cycloserine NADH nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide