narrowed conciousness feeling of lightness main constituent political dissent
feeling of omnipotence cultural setting psycho-somatic disorder social restraint
convulsion epileptiform convulsion syringe narcotics-related crime
decriminalisation total physical degeneration juvenile delinquent alcoholic delirium
psychic dependence physical dependence capacity social inadaptability critical threshold
convulsivant action hallucinatory activity hallucinatory action nocuous action
age of introduction age at introduction feeling of gratification secondary deviation
social deviance dipsomania effective dose daily dose
therapeutic dose toxic dose licit drug legal drug
drug education drug use drug consumption occasional drug user
dyspepsia ebriety inebriation drunkenness
consciousness-altering effect speech difficulty alcoholic encephalopathy drug epidemic
addiction epidemic therapeutic group ergotism insane state
demented state dysphoric mood dysphoria etherism
etiology euphoria euphoriant central stimulant
psychedelic experience feverishness febrility mania of persecution
delusion of persecution cognitive function underground den hallucination
hallucinosis hebephrenia cerebral hemorrhages postvaccinal hepatitis
inoculation hepatitis viral hepatitis infectious hepatitis heroin addiction
hidrosis forced laughing compulsive laughing mental hygiene
hyperacousia hyperesthesia hyperaesthesia hyperglycaemic
polypnea hyperpnea hypesthesia hypomania
low blood pressure hypotension idiosyncrasy hallucinated image
social maladjustment alcohol intake alcohol ingestion nasal inhalant
nasal inhalant drug nasal inhalant powder inhaler early initiation
permissive society subcutaneous injection hypodermic injection sleeplessness
insomnia barbituric intoxication barbiturate intoxication chronic intoxication
psychic intoxication morbid jealousy clandestine laboratory chromosome damage
chromosomal damage hyperphrasia logorrhoea excessive loquacity
sociotherapy social therapy garrulity coca chewer
loss of self-control unsteadiness of gait underground market illicit market
psychological maturing biological maturity bad home surrounding maladjusted fringe group
sociocultural setting chromosome change thebaism morphinism
morphinist morphine addict morphinomania morphine addiction
narco-analysis nausea neurohormone neuropsychiatrist
neuroticism neuropath nerve tonic nystagmus
mental dullness obtusion hebetude oliguria
onirism oneirism opium dependent opium addiction
opium-eater opiophagy opium-eating opiophagism
palpitation parasympathicolytic parasympathicomimetic dual personality
personality dissociation double personality personality deterioration pharmacomania
pharmacopoeia pharmacopeia pharmacotherapy drug treatment
delayed phenomenon potatorum polyneuritis multiple-dependent multi-drug-user
polyuria follow-up treatment follow-up services after-care services
potentiation potentialization potomania volatile solvent
raised pulse rate narcotics distributor purveyor of drugs drug supplier
drug-taking proclivity drug-taking predisposition solvent-sniffing flowering top
prescription of drugs over-prescribing forging of prescriptions permissive prescribing
peer pressure peer group pressure method of taking clandestine production
psychoactive property mind-expanding psychedelic consciousness-expanding
psychiatrization psychodrama psychodysleptics psychodysleptic drugs
psycholeptic psychomotoricity psychopathology psychopharmacology
alcoholic psychosis amphetamine psychosis toxic psychosis intoxication psychosis
Korsakoff s psychosis organic psychosis withdrawal psychosis individual psychotherapy
psychotomimetic agent psychotic reaction rejection of reality recurrence phenomenon
flash-back phenomenon knee jerk rehabilitation of addicts psychological reorientation
permissive attitude punitive approach skin disease emotional stability
natural stimulant synthetic stimulant dangerous drugs register psychedelic substance
synthetic psychotropic substance thymotropic drug hyperexcitability amotivational syndrome
withdrawal syndrome psycho-organic syndrome organic mental syndrome toxic syndrome
fall in blood-pressure rise in blood-pressure emotional tension behaviour therapy
substitution therapy theriaca cross-tolerance multiple drug abuse
multi-substance abuse panaddiction polydrug use poly-drug use
polysubstance abuse multiple addiction dependence-producing habit-forming
addictive toxicopathy toxicosis addict-pusher
addict-peddler network of peddlers chain of peddlers methadone maintenance treatment
compulsory treatment voluntary treatment ecstatic trance disturbance of attentiveness
circulatory disturbance cardiovascular failure heart circulatory collapse cardiovascular collapse
orientation disturbance somatic disorder physical disorder psychosensory disorder
sleep disturbance vagotonia primary sample economic risk
protection piece chafing tax competition multipurpose vessel
radar radiodetection and ranging radar dead centre
setting range conformity of production semi-nomadic response time
lactating animal paying agent lanolin babassu oil
ground nut oil oiticica oil jojoba oil wood tar pitch
wood pitch copying paste Citizens advice desk complaint about maladministration
EIPPCB usury usurious rate judicial barrier
EDISUP EDI standardisation process EDIPO EDI Project Office
EBES EDIWG EDI Working Group underplanting
SIMAP maceration viscosity improver plasticine
modelling paste resin fly-paper mineral oil
prepared binder mineral tar pitch anti-freezing preparation anti-oxidizing preparation
basalt anti-corrosive preparation colloidal graphite dental wax
enfleurage essential oil ester gum granite
halogenated derivative mineral fuel natural bitumen natural gum
nitrated derivative nitrosated derivative organic surface-active agent pectate
pectic substance pigment rubber vulcanisation accelerator rubber accelerator
semi-colloidal graphite sodium perborate sulphonated derivative sulphur-treated band
sulphur-treated candle sulphur-treated wick Manila hemp abaca
humidity relative humidity barrel shake
cask seat-stick shingle bone oil
Dippel s oil animal oil addition homopolymerization product unvulcanised compound rubber
interchangeable tyre tread tanned furskin dressed furskin roughly squared wood
cellular wood panel parquet panel yarn waste coir yarn
chenille yarn hand-woven tapestry needle-worked tapestry embroidery
prepared painting canvas high tenacity yarn linoleum polishing disc
aluminised polyester walking-stick umbrella garden umbrella stainless steel
cement copper precipitated copper refined copper central heating boiler
industrial fan mould base moulding pattern threaded socket
hydrography hydrographic instrument oceanography oceanographic instrument