manual transmission manual gear box microswitch minimum speed-category symbol
multi-residue method multiresidue method opening pressure phytotoxic effect
pure active substance relevant exposure level relevant impurity saturation vapour pressure
significant impurity spark plug specificity static ignition timing
tailpipe emission-sampling system temperature switch testing mass throttle housing
water temperature sensor silver chloride sodium hydroxymethylamino-acetate nifedipine
calcium antagonist Ca-antagonist beta-blocker Public Health Code
Community vineyard register land degradation forum for consultation further processing
producing member freely usable currency fractional votes tropical forest resources
special account pre-project subaccount project subaccount Bali Partnership Fund
governmental organization goods in storage trade flow capital resources
market technology employment generation job creation employment creation
Joint Council research entity EC-Israel Research Committee managerial staff member
central authority charcoal criminal law criminal law
guarantee fund prosecution copper carbonate monohydrate national sovereign conference
square-meshed netting basic registration IMPEL IMPEL network
joint educational project individual mark physical handicap breeding stock
Co-President magnesium oxide anhydrous magnesia carrier medium
carrier material forkbeards MBBR moving-bed biofilm reactor
aeration basin overall treatment capacity aerobic zone nitrogen-removing mode
anoxic zone Democratic Transition Government street-child trafficking in women
child abuse statement with debate special-depreciation scheme economic goods
replacement investment legally independent firm partial production costs recipient firm
designation fee class of goods class of services basic application
territorial extension lithothamnion manganous oxide manganic oxide
zinc carbonate ammonium molybdate stone meal cuttlefish bone
oyster shell fish autolysate fish hydrolysate fish proteolysate
biotechnological invention requirement for patentability criterion for patentability living matter
microbiological process biological material microbiological material patentable invention
animal variety soya milk illegal employment Community official
national official act of violence deprivation of liberty suppression of terrorism
offence of conspiracy amnesty execution of penalty presumption of consent
accident actuarial values additional fees additional seniority
adoption procedure allowance irregular instruction annual basic salary
official retired appeals application for adoption basic monthly salary
breach of law by a qualified majority by special decision calendar month
candidate s files ratio cultivable area decree of divorce
descent estimation estimate habitat
hamlet infant place of departure nomogram
allowance annual rate farm manager block
carrying capacity code number collation count
denomination district editing executive staff
form frequency distribution fusion grade
grouping industry isolate life line
maintain maturity multiplier native
progeny offspring rate squatter
statement variance absorption smoothing
graduation relationship by marriage affinal relationship unpaid family worker
family helper group couple administrative district
legal division political division administrative area educational system
evacuation attrition extrapolation tenant farmer
heredity place of origin gainful worker married person
housewife half-cast mixed blood half-breed
non-response failure to reply unknown non-stated
population parameter genetic relative blood relative period
menses native reserve separated person earner
breadwinner corrected rate general death rate crude death rate
crude marriage rate acquired characteristic adding machine adjusted mortality rate
adult adult age age at entry age at marriage
age next birthday age periods age-specific mortality atheist
freethinker agnostic agricultural workers visiting alien
alien visitor amenorrhoea amenorrhea anovular cycle
pre-marital conception ante-nuptial conception anti-natalist appliance method
area sampling economic demography mean population average population
bachelor bar chart biological family full-term birth
birth at term births per maternity broken marriage calculating machine
case of disease cause of death census operation central city
central death rate certificate of naturalization risk chance
random fluctuation chance fluctuation child welfare service reproductive period
childbearing period civil marriage classroom closed population
cluster sampling cohort fertility cohort fecundability generation life table
cohort life table generation rate cohort rate generation table
cohort table match collate collective migration
enumerator s schedule collective schedule common law marriage commuting
comparative mortality index complete coverage completed fertility completed birth rate
complete life table completeness complete year conception rate
concubine confinement rank confinement order consanguineous marriage
consensual union consummation of marriage contraceptive device county town
county seat cross tabulation crude rate current life table
current population statistics current rate current school statistics current table
periodic fluctuation cyclical fluctuation population pyramid age pyramid
death function death ratio decile de facto separation
degree of consanguinity degree of crowding density index descriptive demography
mortality differences differential mortality disability rate disease of new-born
dissolved marriage divorcee divorced person divorcée
transcript draft entry duration of marriage period of gestation
duration of pregnancy duration of stay duration-specific divorce rate duration-specific rate
dysgenic marriage economic optimum economic region effective fertility
efficacy of contraception electronic computer epidemiological statistics ethnic nationality
eugenic sterilisation ever-married person ever-married survivor married couple
exact age exit permit exodus exogamy
expected death exponential population expose to risk family size
fecundability female fertility rate maternal generation female generation
female nuptiality maternal reproduction rate female reproduction rate fertility function
fertility rate preventive check legitimate birth fertility table
fertility schedule fictitious cohort field survey field inquiry
final rate first marriage first marriage rate foetal death rate
intra-uterine mortality mortality in utero foetal mortality instantaneous death rate
force of mortality foreign-born frequency polygon free union
general census general rate generation generation fertility