genetics genotypic geriatrics graphic graduation
gross replacement group survival half-brother health statistics
hereditary characteristic hereditary defect heterogamy historical demography
homogamy household schedule length of life human longevity
hypothetical cohort monozygotic twins uniovular twins identical twins
illegitimate component illegitimate fertility rate illicit union immature
unemployable incapable of work incomplete fertility increased longevity
index of bunching index of heaping index of attraction indissolubility of marriage
individual migration individual schedule individual table industrial population
infant death infant welfare service instantaneous rate institutional population
insufficiently occupied dwelling institutional schedule publication of banns intent to marry
inter-censal period inter-pregnancy interval interpregnancy interval quartile
first-birth interval irregular fluctuation juvenile appliance method
legitimate component legitimate fertility rate legitimation length of generation
length of absence Lexis diagram life potential life table function
literacy statistics literate live-born child lodger
logarithmic graph double logarithmic graph logistic population loss of nationality
puerperium lying-in period male fertility rate male nuptiality
malthusianism marriage custom marriage dissolution rate marriage law
marriage licence marriage loan marriageable population marriage dissolution table
married man married woman masculinity proportion masculinity ratio
mass migration interquartile range illegitimate birth maternity services
mathematical demography mean age mean annual rate measure of dispersion
military personnel menarche change of life climacteric
menopause change menstrual cycle menstruation
minimum population misreporting mixed marriage moral restraint
sickness statistics morbidity statistics mortality surface mortality table
life table multigravida multi-national state multiparous
multipara over-registration multiple counting natality
native born natural area natural movement natural region
negative growth negative eugenics neo-natal mortality neo-natal period
net nuptiality table net replacement net reproduction rate never-married
nidation non-agricultural workers non-appliance method non-marriageable population
non-viable nulliparous zero parity woman nullipara
number remaining single numerical data nuptiality table observed death
occupational classification occupational disease mortality occupational mortality old age
one-person household open population optimum density order of magnitude
quantile tantile order statistics overcrowded dwelling
ovulation neo-malthusianism panmixia parenthood
parity-specific birth rate parity-specific fertility rate paternal generation male generation
peri-natal mortality periodic abstinence rhythm method Ogino-Knaus rule
period of observation permanent resident rentier phenotypic
physical infirmity physiological age place of arrival place of destination
point of death political nationality polyandrous polygamous
polygynous population analysis population carrying capacity maximum potential density
population centre population cluster population dependent on population exchange
population genetics population quality population study populationist
positive check malthusian check positive eugenics post-enumeration test
quality check post-enumeration check post-neonatal mortality postponement of marriage
pregnancy history pregnancy rank pregnancy order primary sex ratio
pregnancy record pre-marital examination prevalence rate primary sterility
prematurity primigravida primiparous primipara
probability of death probability of marriage probability of survival product of conception
proportionate mortality punched card machine punching pupil enrolled
pupil in attendance quinquennial age group quinary age group quota sampling
refined statistics refined figures register of births register of deaths
register of marriages relative frequency religious marriage religious statistics
remarriage remarriage rate repatriation replacement index
reproductive behaviour repudiate restrictionist revised rate
rite round number sampling fraction sampling frame
secondary sterility settled sedentary seeking work
select life table self-governing territory quartile deviation self-supporting person
semi-literate semi-logarithmic graph crude divorce rate sex structure
sex distribution sex-specific marriage rate sibs siblings
significant difference single survivor social demography spinster
standard mortality rate standard population standardised birth rate statistical table
sterile period stillbirths late fetal deaths late foetal mortality
sub-area summary card summary punch surviving child
survivorship function systematic sample tabulating error tabulating machinery
tabulation tax rebate temporary absentee temporary sterility
pure demography theoretical demography formal demography total after lifetime
total growth total lifetime under-registration under-enumeration
unoccupied dwelling unoccupied population usual language valid marriage
vital event vital index voluntary sterility voluntary infertility
voluntary inquiry voluntary migration widowed person year of birth
social status group mass spectrometry waterfowl water fowl
erosine thymol eradication plan tallow
aluminium thermal metallurgy lead thermal metallurgy zinc thermal metallurgy copper thermal metallurgy
calcination expanded perlite hard-burnt coal amide
long-distance pollution potential for pollution application for a permit permit
change in operation substantial change best available techniques metal ore sintering
primary fusion secondary fusion hot-rolling metallurgical process
chemical process electrolytic process cement clinker tile
porcelain oxygen-containing hydrocarbon sulphurous hydrocarbon sulfurous hydrocarbon
nitrogenous hydrocarbon nitrile phosphorus-containing hydrocarbon electrographite
chlor-alkali persistent hydrocarbon reciprocal claim cellular glass
concrete cement mineral aggregate gypsum
gypsum based plaster mortar inorganic binding agent glass ceramic
liaison officer network anti-dazzle screen anti-glare fence anti-glare screen
glare screen anti-dazzle fence suppressor pressure switch
emergency control panel powered ventilator outlet nozzle
parapet prohexadione calcium chlorfenapyr spiroxamine
azoxystrobin foam extinguishing system fire call system heat detector
flame detector short circuit isolator self-contained smoke detector water spray system
gaseous extinguishing system water flow detector water flow switch pressure detector
landing valve inlet breeching fire-fighting pump explosion suppression system
explosion sensor explosion relief product pressure differential system smoke curtain
fixed fire-fighting product communal trough earth closet chemical closet
composting closet macerating toilet squatting toilet flushing cistern
whirlpool bath modular public toilet preformed toilet module road marking