EAPD externalisation Community language ANEC
negotiated commitment negotiated agreement legal framework good distribution practice
Treaties European Recruitment Office interinstitutional recruitment office Recruitment Office
Kosovo Electricity Company Local Security Officer WTO Parliamentary Assembly system of penalties
Grotius II - Criminal all-purpose cleaner nitromusk polycyclic musk
musk ketone amyl cinnamal cinnamyl alcohol citral
hydroxycitronellal isoeugenol amylcinnamyl alcohol benzyl salicylate
cinnamal soluble inorganic insoluble inorganic suds controller
Pensions Forum political supervision visiting researcher ferro molybdenum
mobility card eradication of FMD LOEC toxic standard
acute contact toxicity adsorption desorption behaviour ECEC mass concentration
adsorption coefficient Freundlich adsorption coefficient Freundlich exponent desorption coefficient
Freundlich desorption coefficient photolysis clay loam sampling site
gas-liquid chromatography liquid scintillation counting sorption measurement adsorption kinetics
adsorption isotherm desorption kinetics desorption isotherm parallel method
serial method regression constant pigment dyestuff oral administration
dermal administration saturated vapour cell death bodyweight
hyperplastic response destruction of tissue mutagenicity assay an NBO
anaerobic non-biodegradable a NBO aerobic non-biodegradable manure processing
Chinese mustard Ethiopian mustard Abyssinian mustard post-genomic research
structural genomics comparative genomics knowledge-based multifunctional material functional genomics
blood donor bow height plum laying birds
water quench treatment in brine processing chain liquidity loan
awareness raising day independent dealership non-independent dealership single franchise dealership
multi-franchise dealership environmental index environmental class internalisation of costs
true pricing industrial species flavoured sugar syrup sending party
green company downloadable music formatted audio file Ya pear
government interference airport privilege profitability ratio biodegradable fraction
Joint Control Commission involvement of employees Arms versus developmemt villagisation policy
non-renewal of a mandate shelter rate of disbursement Overseas Association Decision
seed multiplication cold storage EDF-OCT Committee post-crisis situation
surveillance clause subversive activity technical INFOSEC authority attempted sabotage
malicious wilful damage Crypto Authority TEMPEST Authority CISO
Security Board Security Office security designator Registry Control Officer
SSRS Technical System Owner COMPUSEC Computer Security
Information Owner Technical Systems Owner independent dealer non-independent dealer
single franchise dealer climatic variation earthworm predator captive use
co-formulant phenolic oxime priority hazardous substance multi-ethnic Government
A-B-A remail A-B-C remail refusal to supply ECESB
EUESB CECMA consultancy Macaronesian biogeographical region
mutilated banknote code of self-regulation greening ESAC
extra duties allowance shrimp fishing bone product quarter carcass
bottom longliner power controlled searchlight communications intercept device solid-state optical detector
animal stunner farmed salmon review investigation initiation of a review
deficit centrifuge tube extraction solution BFDGE
NOGE novolac glycidyl ether potential exposure toxicological profile
surface coating heavy-duty coating Decision Guidance Document issuing authority
vegetative progeny varietal identity phenotypic character young vine plant
rooted cutting rooted graft herbaceous shoot graftable rootstock cutting
top-graft cutting stock nursery AHSV percentage inhibition
traditional rum rum production inability to compete graphic paper
tissue-based hygiene product parent reel away-from-home product catering firm
napkin kitchen towel store brand general wiping product
health care product VAT-based own resource Taliban Sanctions Committee alumina refining
hydrate alumina smelter-grade alumina metallurgical-grade alumina calcined alumina
chemical-grade alumina captive use production aluminium smelter Electricity Regulation Committee
college Joint Supervisory Body FAL form reporting formality
ship s spare parts crew s effects Joint Military Commission car wreck
car dismantling company address to tracked excavator wheeled excavator
skid steer loader wheeled loading shovel mini tracked excavator hand-held global-positioning device
systemic irregularity Radio Spectrum Decision Radio Spectrum Committee Access Directive
Framework Directive Authorisation Directive advanced television services Universal Service Directive
initial connection fault repair time standard fire test anchor equipment
raw jute jute year COJI Committee on Projects
TLD eu naming system registry second level domain
sucrose syrup large-flowered rose small-flowered rose NICE
common technical specifications diagnostic sensitivity true positive false negative
diagnostic specificity false positive true negative analytical sensitivity
analytical specificity robustness self-test lay user
related infection multipara pre-sero-conversion potential carry-over
European Pharmacopoeia guideline blood donation Framework Directive leaching rate
bioavailable value Community authority Community statistics anonymised microdata
prior explicit approval method of anonymisation chrome mordant dyeing metal complex dye
Passbook Scheme DEPBS EPCGS ITES
definition phase development phase deployment phase unity of administration
accumulation module Montreal Convention bitter almond original equipment tyre
mould-cure retreading precure retreading retreader ring binder mechanism
OLDI On-Line Data Interchange ADEXP FDE-ICD
first cold pressing cold extraction ex-ante verification eligible date
fabric of production sticker metallised latent image hot-seal laminate
security reagent authentication mark laser printing thermo-transfer
biometric method machine-readable area shelf registration ITEP
single currency judge of freedoms Statute for Members pre-fixed coupon
negotiating chapter ICCLE child servitude management letter
audit letter slash noise zone major railway
strategic noise map Lnight night-time noise indicator night equivalent level
adulterated food product administrative machinery underperformance at work termination-of-service arrangement
emergency rule humanitarian crisis allegation of malpractice budget network
shortlist high risk sector rebudgetisation discharge exercise
unloading certificate carousel premium hunting adulterated butter
adulterator recovery rate rapid disbursement instrument level of confidentiality
obliterated text redeployment of workers outstanding debt legal infraction
capital repayment sector letter position of responsibility Assistants Statute
parliamentary assistant accredited parliamentary assistant accredited assistant PISG
heatwave Assistant Registrar cyanine phtalocyanine
underperformance legally binding National Veterinary Service official stamp
jurisdictional rule right to demonstrate aggravated theft intervention rye
financial collateral arrangement bilateral close-out netting top-up financial collateral TTCA
security collateral arrangement relevant financial obligation enforcement event number of hives
fertility study vibration dose value Assistant Supervisor call for candidates