People s Alliance Popular Unity deputy Arco
Galician National Block Canarian Coalition CEAR COAG
CODA Catalan Republican Left copper breams Democratic Left
Cape bonnetmouth smew Alternative Socialist Coordinator polycystic ovarian syndrome
polycystic ovary syndrome Ministry of Culture Popular Democratic Party Popular Democratic Party
white snake mackerel Falkland sprat Argentine menhaden CDWU
softshell red crab Workers Commissions UNREO agricultural statistics
Asaja oral polio vaccine Cires Spanish Youth Council
area development plan Independent Liberal Group multinational corporation multinational enterprise
multinational firm transnational enterprise multinational company Brazilian menhaden
Brazilian sardinella lesser sand eel DBTG database task group
snoek Angolan flying squid Japanese John dory Patagonian squid
tuna-like fishes atmospheric reentry demonstrator splitfins geelbek croaker
Total productive maintenance total production maintenance Intelligent manufacturing systems NASDA
JETRO NEDO Economic Planning Authority Economic Planning Agency
OECF Jada AIST Self Defence Forces
LTCB MAFF ICOT personal handphone system
personal handiphone system radargrammetry radar monitoring radar control
radar position symbol radar response radarscope radar separation
radar shadow radiation fog radio aid radio altimeter equipment
radio altimeter radio bearing radiocompass radio direction finding
radio fix radio guidance radio magnetic indicator random noise
regular aerodrome relative bearing reliability rescue coordination centre
responder beacon restricted area right-of-way flare-out
rounding out flare routing indicator run-up area
runway alignment beacon runway controller runway designation markings runway edge light
runway lighting runway marking runway threshold safety height
scanning scan scheduled airline sea clutter
secondary frequency self-contained navaid service area shift
signal area signature group sky wave slant course line
slave station slush sounding balloon radiosonde balloon
spiral glide spot height spot elevation precision landing
spot landing accuracy landing squall standard blind approach
standard beam approach standard holding pattern racetrack holding pattern standard radio atmosphere
standard time State of registry steady flight still air range
stopover stopway stopway light straight-in approach
subsidence system capacity wind astern tail wind
take-off clearance take-off run target threshold speed taxi to
taxi guidance taxi holding position taxiway taxiway lights
terminal area TMA sequencing terminal area sequencing terminal control area
terrain avoidance system terrain clearance terrain clearance system threshold
through flight timed approach time separation touch-and-go landing
touch-and-go touch-down area touchdown zone runway touchdown zone
touchdown zone lights track track angle course angle
track guidance system tracking tracking radar transition level
transponder beacon trans-shipment true altitude true bearing
true heading true course true North true track
trunk route turbulence turn-around turn-around area
turn-around time turning point turn-in point ultra-high frequency
unstick speed upper advisory area upper airspace upper control area
upper control limit upwash upwind leg up wind leg
urgency message emergency message vector radar heading
very-high frequency band very high frequency videomapping VFR on top
visual aid visual approach VASIS visual-aural range
visual-aural radio range visual contact approach contact approach voice channel
warm front warning message wave off way point
weather radar weather report wind direction indicator wind shift
filter homogenise incubation storm water overflow
decant flow-proportional sample flow-proportional composite sample maximum credible accident
medical insurance adviser CONCAWE leak EXIBA
contact lost essential requirements low-power Schottky discharge from pipelines
suspended solids EPFA EUROPUR spiegel iron
emolument National Maritime Museum Cooperative Union county tax office
Swedish Bankers Association Swedish Retail Federation Housing Court cast analysis certificate
Swedish Film Institute Employers Alliance National Audit Bureau Naval Staff
Senior Legal Secretary State Secretary municipal council city council
Senior Archivist Administrative Officer Senior Administrative Officer First Secretary
Ministry of Justice Christian Democratic Party Speaker of Parliament Data Inspection Board
court of appeal county administrative board City Commissioner Municipal Commissioner
Secretary Chief Executive Labour Court Defence Staff
Competition Authority Military Archives Swedish Farmers Federation Market Court
Nordic Council Senior Judge Referee regional rent tribunal Environmental Research Institute
National Parole Board enforcement service National Nuclear-Power Inspectorate Council on Legislation
Royal Armoury National Premises Authority county housing board Museum of Music
National Art Gallery SSNC Nordic Cultural Fund Royal Opera
Press Subsidies Council Broadcasting Commission Travel Guarantees Board Swedish central bank
Swedish Parliament National Debt Office National Space Board Legal Aid Authority
Swedish Red Cross Swedish Language Council Stockholm Stock Exchange Swedac
Swedish testing authority Swedish Academy Church of Sweden Swedish Insurance Federation
National Telecom Agency Aliens Appeals Board Vasa Museum Second Secretary
Ambassador Budget Director Chief District Prosecutor Chief District Prosecutor
Trade Commissioner Judge of Appeal Assistant Vicar County Council Director
County Council Commissioner Chief Commissioner County Director County Tax Director
Deputy County Governor General-Officer-Commanding Chief Superintendent District Police Commissioner
Deputy Police Commissioner National Librarian Secretary-General of Parliament National Police Commissioner
Regional Prosecutor baker audio librarian hydrofoil captain
civil status certificate extrajudicial confession costs pledgee
rent guarantee maintenance expenses legal disability criminal intent
parliamentary commissioner hypothecation divisible obligation indivisible obligation
Crown prosecutor municipal property penalty clause juvenile court
costs of proceedings appointment sale lessee
share-farming lease imprisonment for debt maintenance personnel joiner
attendant skipper stone sawyer clerk typist
cartridge filler charge parity hypertrophic cardiomyopathy human growth hormone
neovascular macular degeneration patient-controlled analgesia Chief Whip MAPI
Leyland Cyprus evening primrose Large Magellanic Cloud zero insertion force
EWRC tularemia bacteria lizard orchid mouse-eared bat
Lord Speaker spongiform encephalopathy OOBE OTBE
out-of-the-body experience Out-of-Body Experience premenstrual syndrome PMDD
premenstrual dysphoric disorder clouded leopard prostate specific antigen wayfaring tree