Austrian Computer Society WIMP Wimps sauger
ARTM EXAFS Powder Slush Molding stored program computer
CAGR frequent flyer programme electrooculogram ALDH
aldehyde dehydrogenase dissociative identity disorder DGPS cation exchange capacity
desert rose prior authorisation silage Domestic Security Service
Bridge virus attack road table golden-capped conure
grey-cheeked parakeet white cockatoo Goffin s cockatoo red-vented cockatoo
Moluccan cockatoo blue-streaked lory New Zealand falcon quaker parakeet
monk parakeet green racquet-tailed parrot black-winged starling Temminck s tragopan
Indian star tortoise Cape griffon western fence lizard Russian Information Agency
National Salvation Front Central Electoral Commission state nuclear inspectorate nuclear inspectorate
Cadet Constitutional Democrat party CPRF Russian Communist Party
RSFSR Civic Union Constitutional Court Congress of Deputies
investigation-isolation prison Free Russia party Free Russia Russian Privatisation Centre
French ski federation Russian Democratic Party swamp Coalition of Reforms
Creative Forces Russian Unity Russia s Democratic Choice Democratic Choice
Security Ministry Russian security ministry JINR Minatom
Military-Industrial Commission Women of Russia Russian Space Agency Russia s Choice
Choice of Russia near abroad Russian FSK Federal Counterintelligence Service
Suriname guilder Javanese Farmers Party KTPI PALU
SIDA SAPO Swedish security service Left Party-Communists
New Democracy Deputy Prime Minister Crew Transfer Vehicle phosphonoformate
trisodium phosphonoformate foscarnet National Veterinary Institute Medical Research Council
Board of Customs Minister of Labour Head of Chancery Lt Cdr
Lieutenant-Commander Ministry of Labour Executive Officer pressure pattern navigation
pressure differential navigation Swedish Telecom Senior Clerical Officer Principal Administrative Officer
Head of Section Swedish Standards Institution President Chief Judge
Army Museum National Service Administration Work Environment Fund Swedish Bar Association
Administrative Director Museum of Architecture National Courts Administration Aeronautical Research Institute
Working Life Fund Defence Procurement Agency Defence Matériel Administration Fortifications Administration
Chief Executive regional tenancies tribunal Chancellor of Justice Equal Opportunities Ombudsman
Royal Library Swedish Coast Guard Consumer Ombudsman Civil Aviation Administration
Swedish Institute Medical Products Agency Naval Museum cathedral chapter
Press Ombudsman Press Council Royal Dramatic Theatre Swedish Sports Confederation
Swedish Trade Council Financial Supervisory Authority National Property Board First Secretary
Swedish Employers Confederation Higher Executive Officer SAREC Cabinet Office
National Bacteriological Laboratory Statistics Sweden National Conciliators Office Norden Association
National Geotechnical Institute Swedish Immigration Board Swedish State Railways National Rail Administration
National Maritime Administration National Food Administration Senior Judge SMHI
regional development fund Liberal Union Spri Swedish Broadcasting Corporation
Swedish Touring Club State Youth Council Higher Administrative Officer SWEDECORP
Transport Research Board Swedish News Agency SNRA National Road Administration
HSB National Federation National Chemicals Inspectorate Chemical Inspectorate Sweden Post
Higher Executive Officer Inspector Accountant Environmental Advisory Council
Supreme Administrative Court Permanent Under-Secretary Senior Registry Clerk water chestnut
Chinese water chestnut creditor bank mass density woolsack
intermingled yarn Way to Happiness State Electricity Corporation OCEAC
Popular Unity Force Armed Forces Movement Air Portugal Corporate Fraud Taskforce
General Workers Union Workers Revolutionary Party category of vehicle government bonds
ROPME Kuwait Investment Office Kuwaiti dinar KFAED
Arbitrage Pricing Theory Plug n Play Plug and Play red-winged blackbird
mountain beaver tailed frog black-capped capuchin spotted hyena
obsessive compulsive disorder corticotropin releasing factor corticotrophin-releasing factor mucosal disease
northern bat Technology Assessment Transactional Analysis SNOM
cardiopulmonary resuscitation water python Daubenton s bat pipistrelle
blue tide German Agricultural Society farmers association farmers union
national farmers association farmers association Controller Area Network fast-moving consumer goods
FMCG consumer packaged goods false memory syndrome collateralised mortgage obligation
collateralised mortgage bond clothing allowance flat panel display monkey puzzle tree
hardy monkey-puzzle red valerian drunken sailor yellow corydalis
ivy-leaved toadflax Siberian white crane snow crane Siberian crane
European bee-eater dormouse bristle-thighed curlew fatal familial insomnia
clock CFIDS Gerstmann-Straussler-Scheinker syndrome Data Communications Equipment
finite element analysis frog orchid blacknecked stork adders tongue fern
Puerto Rican Emerald common privet Barbary macaque essential fatty acid
giant magneto-resistive effect giant magnetoresistance filtering face piece kilobyte
Mbit megabit bank credit market supervisory body
Guelder rose OLE custom control IMHO by the way
ruddy carpenter ant authorised representative external disequilibrium payments imbalance
Minister of Agriculture Norwegian krone Statistics Norway Norwegian Youth Council
Socialist Left party Swedish Prosecution Authority public prosecution authority NAVF
Conservative Party Centre Party Christian People s Party Christian Democratic Party
Progress Party Red Choice Alliance County Governor NORAD
Ministry of Agriculture municipal executive board city executive board department
county Ministry of Fisheries assignment allowance Ministry of Justice
Royal Assent Progressive People s Party Bophuthatswana Democratic Party TNIP
VNIP Ministry of Defence CCHR Portuguese Youth Council
Therapeutic Healing environment Therapeutic Healing motor bus Dolly Varden
Dolly Varden trout salmon trout bull trout conjunctiva
beta radiation angelique angelica lemon tree
Maltese orange Malta orange UBSD Olive Tree Coalition
Olive Tree Referendum Party marine iguana Galápagos marine iguana
plains-wanderer ACLOS care of standard contract
administrator electromagnetic unit electromyogram hip dysplasia
Jehovah s Witnesses Lions International Marshall Plan stratus
parking parking area parking lot surface car park
car park popular trellis-fabric netting
King VRSA vancomycin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus torpedo boat
draughtsman ministerial decree angstrom unit angstrom
artillery darcy Sub-Committee on Refugees EURIMAGES
Standing Committee Bureau CEMAT Sub-Committee on Drugs
Sub-Committee on Migration acting President voting control booth One World Week
Fundraising Campaign European Agriculture Charter European Urban Charter Consumer Protection Charter
European Population Year European Conservation Year European Union Charter Community Broadcasting Charter
European Audio-visual Charter Urban Policies Charter Political Affairs Committee Sub-Committee on Demography
COAG Committee on Agriculture Sub-Committee on Fisheries enlarged agreement
special guest status acting chairman Prodex GRUCA
Latin-American Group BABEL EAVE European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs
EECOD European Managers Confederation European Fast Reactor CERP