perforate enable make it possible square
outlook perspective shallow pedal
crank gear penetration light phosphating
photosensitive physics peak vernier calipers
crowbar oilstone whetstone part
spare part workpiece detachable part patch
idle gear planet gear sun gear stack
gripper plier tong circlip plier
paint brush toe in grease gun plunger
gas spring struts pivot cladding plan
project scheme drawing key plan
die split detail drawing board plank
drawing board floor flatness plate
insert flat board plaster
bursting with pliable folding fold
plumbing breaker point plus sign tire
pneumatic pocket lightening pocket stencil
gross weight net weight wrist piercing
punching spot full stop point
hot spot exclamation mark question mark bench mark
point of reference neutral semi-colon spike
scriber needle pointed sharp polishing
creepsheet pump sander linishing
rubbing down sanding rub down porous
porosity portable propelling pencil sliding door
span arch journal bearing put on post
apply for apply at potentiometer dustbin
powder idler front grooved pulley sheave
ins and outs pros and cons push thrust
thrust a tappet tubular steel girder
pole practice take burst into flames
press paperweight pressure proof
precaution specify positional accuracy predict
prone to sth prefabricate preparation attend
take for granted foresee curing process proceed
manufacturing process metal working process next subsequent
production engineering product casting product end product
finished part shaping section depth
shadowgraph promotion sales spread
proportional offer propel propulsion
handout protect prototype prove
stem from well pultrusion drawing pin
tack US bleed venting drain
bleed bleeder pylon quadrilateral
grid pattern square pattern rule in squares quality
quantify amount quantity quarter
questionnaire shank dovetail valve stem
ironmonger hardware plane planing
plane wood scrape surface coupling join
union join up join link up
reducer hang something up hang something again square root
patch sth up starkness stiffness rigidity
stiffen tighten rail T slot
key-way add-on idling idle
slow down make sth longer relight gather sth together
soften handrail hand rail grate
scrape away off shredded speed ratio pertain to
protractor bring something closer close up misfire
rationalize streamline refasten radius
spoke radiate scratching grater
ledge reject reload seek after
recycle recondition refurbish grinding
surface grinder machine pick annealing rectify current
contain reclose recast outlet
cool down gaze at dismiss throw
protection relay relative relaxation
lift hydraulique put on again top up relieve
storage discount get up again towing
eddy replace replaceable fulfil
filling up performance output give an account
give reckoning make possible render possible strenghten
reinforcement strengthening piece breather profitability
spill on spill liquid fall over locate
hold in position index punch-mark reference
delay postpone spinning resume
representation spring compression spring coil spring
leaf spring resolder hold up withdraw from
touch-up touch up backfire contraction
deduct feedback reaction receiver
downturn stove reduction review
part number speed governor regulation
steady renew repairer mend
repeatability reply resin strength
resistor impact resistance tear resistance flexural strength
torsion resistance tensile stress tensile strength strength of materials
electrical resistance proof strength cut-resistant resist
withstand shrink overhead projector change down
revision ruler rheostat skid
rivet cock faucet shutt off valve
ball valve lever tap gate valve drain cock
valves hardy run in engine round bar
spring washer lockwasher plain washer rotation
knuckle wheels ratchet wheel cog wheel
master wheel slave wheel rust rolling bearing
self-aligning bearing needle bearing roller bearing band
masking tape roughness rough breaker
pace clog shoe grasp
smoothly boundless trouble-free unleaded
jump over scalan embedded schematic
hack saw band saw materials science engineering