mounts number plate oil pressure overhaul
p-brake power brake Positive Crankcase Ventilation petrol pump pipe
pivot point power take-off PTO refrigerator seats
silencer spring hanger starter motor steering column
swivel balls swivel pin thousands of km track rod
trailer hitch transfer box tyre universal shaft
valve cap valve seat voltage control water pump
wheel puller windscreen Am windshield wiper
four by Four General Purpose Land-Rover Land Rover
LROI Land Rover World Long wheelbase Ministry of Defence
Power-assisted brakes Soft Top Super All Terrain Short wheelbase
turbodiesel Turbo Diesel Vee Eight ABS system
antilock brake system Anti-Lock Brake System Anti-lock braking system Brakes - Antilock
ABS brakes supercharged engine boost camber
caster drag coefficient chargecooler charge-cooled engine
cylinder liner fuel injection ground effects oversteering
oversteer understeering understeer friction
abdominal insert child dummy abrasion test absorber unit
absorption of energy acceleration lane activate to active safety
actuate to actuating valve additional panel road signs
adjustable-load curve dynamometer bench adjustable wheel adjuster
child restraint device Administrative Committee advanced converter advanced sign
ANPRM advance warning aerodynamic aids aerodynamic drag
aftercooling after-market equipment aging of a material aiming screen
headlights setting airbag inflator air-brakes air-charge pressure
air-cooled engine air ducting air-flow meter air-operated
air-spring suspension aisle in a bus alcohol fuel all-purpose road
all-purpose vehicle all-speed governor all-wheel drive vehicle all-wheel steering equipment
amber analytical equipment anchorage anechoic
angular contact bearing anti-dazzle screen anti-dive geometry anti-kink system
anti-knock additive stabilizer bar sway bar anti-roll bar
anti-squat geometry API index application of brakes application travel
approval documents approval mark arm-rest aromatics
articulated bus articulated vehicle aspirated engine asymmetrical passing beam
attachments attitude audible warning device automatic brake adjuster
automatic traction control automatic transmissions automatic transmission automatic wear adjustment
auxiliaries auxiliary steering equipment axle load Axle Ratio
axle set backbone chassis back end balance pipe
balance shaft ball-impact test banjo fitting barrier
barrier test battery voltage bead seat bead-to-bead remoulding
beam beam axle bearing shell bedded-in brake lining
belt assembly belt drive beltline bench test
bending moment bending test bias-belted tyre Bias-Ply Tire
bias-ply tyre Bias Ply Tire big end big-end bearing
bite-type compression joint blade blank test bleeding
blind angle blind spot blow-by gases body frame
body section bonded lining bonding bonneted vehicle
booster seat baby seat border bottom dead centre
Bowden cable boxed section brake-assist system brakes application
brake application brake booster brake fluid brake hose
brake lining brake-lining assembly brake load BMEP
brake transmission braking braking balance braking device
braking distance brake geometry braking geometry brake balance
braking rate Z branch road brazing breakaway
breakerless ignition breaking load bright stock brittle fracture
brittleness bucket follower buckle-release button buckle steering equipment
buff built-in equipment built-up area rebound
bump bump stop burnishing conditioning
bedding-in bus lane butt weld bypass
bypass circuit bypass flowmeter cab-forward design cab forward
calipers caliper cam follower camper
cantrail cap of a lamp CD ignition capacitor discharge ignition
cap-holder socket kit carbon balance method carbon deposit carcass
car line carry-cot case hardening castellated nut
caster angle category of vehicle cathodic painting cavity
central dividing strip central dividing reserve centre-axle trailer centre-to-centre distance
certification of a vehicle cetane cetane improver chafing
chain drive chamber change down change up to
charge cooling chill casting chin-cup chin-strap
chirping chopper chunking CIE standard illuminant A
circulating pump city diesel clearance volume clogging
close-coupled trailer close-coupling device closed-circuit tell-tale closed-loop catalyst
closed throttle cloud point clutch lining clutch-release bearing
coast-by method coasting cold running cold starting device
cold start device combination of vehicles common-rail system compact spare wheel
CNTA compliance testing compressed-air brakes compressed natural gas
compression-ignition engine CI Comprex supercharger computer-aided manufacturing computer-integrated manufacturing
concealable lamp conditioning cabinet conditioning test conduit
connect to connector connector pin conspicuous
conspicuousness constant-speed consumption constant-volume sampling contact-point gap
continuous braking continuous catalyst regeneration continuous-sampling NOx system continuous seat
continuous-variation transmission contrary to Regulation X controller control line
controls conversion conversion efficiency converter
converter lock-up clutch convertible car cooling fluid coolant
cooling cooling fan cords corner-cube reflector
corner impact test on cornering corporate mix corrosion
corrosion inhibitor counterbore counterflow bus lane countersink
coupling ball coupling bar coupling components coupling head
coupling socket covered floating roof cowling cowl
crankcase compression crankshaft damper impact test crash test
crashworthiness cross-country vehicle cross-cut test crossflow engine
crossflow radiator crossmember cross member cross-section
cross-wind crown crown crownwheel-and-pinion gears
cruising speed crushable zone crushing curing
current production vehicle curved cut-in pressure cut-off line
cut-out cut-out range cycle cycle
cycle track danger warning sign data channel daughter Regulation
daytime running lights daytime running lamps dazzle deactivate
deactivation deceleration lane DeDion axle De Dion Axle
deep drawing deflection deflector deformable mobile barrier