transmission torque-wheel test Torsen torque sensing differential
total-flux opacimeter toughened glass tow to towing ball
towing bracket towing hook towing socket towing vehicle
tracklaying vehicle track test electric road vehicle traction battery
traction tyre traffic traffic count traffic-density counter
traffic engineering traffic rules traffic sign traffic signal
trailer trailing-arm suspension trailing shoe training area
transaxle transducer four-wheel drive transfer gearbox
under transient conditions transient test procedure transistorized ignition transmission boot
transmission brake transport unit tread of a tyre travel
tread separation trichromatic coordinates tripod joint trolley test
truck trunk tungsten-inert-gas welding TIG welding
turbocharged engine turbocharging turbo-compound engine turn of a spring
turning radius two-stage lock road sign two-way traffic
type-approval mark type O test type II test tyre road noise
tyres normally fitted tyre width unburnt hydrocarbons uncouple to
underframe of a vehicle undergeared vehicle trucks underrun protective device
undersquare engine road sign uneven road multimodal transport
unit load unladen mass fuel unleaded
unleaded regular fuel upper deck materials testing upper yield point
upshift urban-cycle consumption vacant vacuum assistance
vacuum-assisted brakes vacuum booster valve aperture valve timing
type of body LPG fuel system vaporizer petrol station equipment
vapour-cover system petrol engine vapour lock variable-dilution sampler VDS
variable-distribution engine V-belt vehicle in compliance vehicle type
ventilated rotor ventilated brake disc venturi verge
vertical-bead-seating tyre viscosity improver free height lubricating oil
viscous coupler visor of a helmet waistline coach
waistrail walls of a tyre warming-up warming-up driving
warning device warning signal water-cooled engine water hose
wattage way-out space weathering test webbing of belt
wedge effect well of a rim wet adhesion performance wheelbase of a vehicle
wheel cylinder wheel disc wheel housing wheel locking sequence
wheel lock sequence wheel sensor whiplash injuries wide-cut diesel oil
winder-type handbrake window-winder wind tunnel of a tyre
winter pattern metal forming wire drawing wire wheel
electrical system wiring wiring harness wishbone
withdrawal of approval work hardening world manufacturer identifier WPMI
world manufacturer identification yawing at an intersection yield to
emission test zero air zeroset wheel FEMFM
International Automobile Federation CIDADEC IDBRA IDTC
BPICA International Road Federation IRTO International Touring Alliance
France Class I city-bus Trailers including semi-trailers cooling system
spark ignition engine spark ignition engine flat engine boxer engine
wankel engine transversal longitudinal bore x stroke
bore and stroke camshaft overhead side synchromesh chassis number
subframe reinforced suspension front rear semi-elliptic spring
levelling device A-arm upper lower brakes
ventilated drop-head coupé convertible fixed-head coupé
fastback height dry weight degree
approximately series production years number built
top speed race competition victories
placings accessories inland water transport coasting traffic
coastwise trafic coastal traffic door-to-door transport distance person-trip
choice trip captive trip intra-zone trip inter-zone trip
aggregate household income aggregate family income postal questionnaire mail questionnaire
pre-paid postcard questionnaire counting point counting station census point
screen line turning movement diagram origin-destination matrix flow line plan
do-nothing strategy slow-moving traffic lane crawler lane underground road
road tunnel continuously flowing alignment at-grade intersection one-way system
gyratory system diamond interchange partial clover-leaf interchange half clover-leaf interchange
trumpet intersection jug-handle intersection encircling highway ring road
belt highway inner relief road feeder street distributor road
street furniture centreline centre line lane line
border line out-commuting reverse commuting incommutation
bollard solid parking car port roof-top car park
fleet of vehicles car fleet double-track line railway in a cutting
under-river tunnel drag lift parcels station branch-off station
side-corridor coach relief train extra train liner train
freightliner train sea-going ship ocean-going ship transport by barge
lighterage freight stowage space cargo hold tidal range
draught H draft H lock gate air mosaic
aerial mosaic seat load factor hoverport stunt flying
aerial acrobatics hang-gliding radio beam multi-stage type-approval
incomplete vehicle information folder information package system type-approval
forward driving cab semi-forward driving cab hand of drive chassis without bodywork
multi-axled vehicle unbraked trailer maximum vertical load fuel tank inlet
service fuel tank reserve fuel tank cold-start system injection advance curve
projecting rim fuel distributor throttle housing water temperature sensor
air temperature switch continuous injection static ignition timing additional air intake
noise reducing device angle of opening angle of closing lambda sensor
oxygen sensor lambda probe inlet intercooler total gear ratios
minimum load-capacity index linkage to wheels method of adjustment radius of drum
mass of drum lever ratio breakaway braking device power-assisted braking device
occupant door master light switch headlamp levelling headlamp cleaning device
diesel pre-heat battery charging condition engine coolant temperature intermittent windscreen wiper
rear hood engine oil pressure door pillar air-intake grille
decorative trim floor line energy dissipating device rear underrun protection
resistive ignition cable automatic headlamp levelling seating reference point differential locking mechanism
multi-axled bogie exhaust silencer system intake silencer system acceleration section
track surface sound reflecting object discrete ratio forward gear ratio
vertical exhaust outlet idling position deceleration period conditioning by pulsations
intake flange ventilating noise inlet sleeve hand-operated regulating valve
quick response valve control pressure gauge roller dynamometer production survey book
cab rear panel suspension mounting body panel loaded vehicle
cab access lid flat-ended ram bent-over ornament headlamp visor
wiper shaft pushbutton of door bonnet fastener lateral door handle
protective surround handle pivoting outwards independent return mechanism lateral air deflector