anti-smear air deflector fin-shaped projection micro-processor controlled function axle track
wheel normally fitted vehicle level adjustment light distribution angle illumination at night
angular field light distribution table light-signalling device photometric condition
voltage-adapting system axis of observation trial fitting interchangeability value
complete headlamp two filament lamp dual-filament lamp applicant for type-approval
powdered vegetable coal photometric distribution mrad milliradian
limitation speed set speed limitation threshold permanent brake
approval authority communication form test piece manufacturer s engine code
type-approval file ambient road environment salted atmosphere chamber sinusoidal vibration
logarithmic sweep roadworthy vehicle roadworthy vehicle
technically permissible mass kerb mass maximum authorized mass vertical displacement transducer
twin drive bogie damped transient response general steering control steering control rim
assembly accessory collision-tested vehicle run-up track area of impact
additional propelling device lateral misalignment speed on impact body-block test
mounting design angle collapsing space adjustable steering control zero point
load transducer channel amplitude class unidirectional accelerometer head form test
fully-guided linear impactor energy of propulsion single-function lamp retractable lamp
direction of observation two lamps concealment of lamps concealment device
warning triangle stated initial inclination measured initial inclination dipped-beam inclination
measuring site floating platform vibrating platform push-pull control
back seating position convertible vehicle fragmentation characteristics hydropneumatic suspension
uniformly toughened glass fragmentation test resistance-to-radiation test light-transmission test
optical distorsion test secondary-image-separation test colour identification test organic sealant
glass-glass sealant photographic contact paper machined edge incurvated safety glazing
compressive action abrading surface reflectance standard total transmittance
percentage haze scattered starting peak voltage quartz halogen lamp maximum spot luminance
ocular point screen divider target test method collimator-telescope test method
illuminated target ring target observation telescope polar-coordinate plate
achromatic lens polar coordinate system exposed side sample holder
burning distance non-abrasive soapy solution window cleaning product rectangle of visibility
fitting angle back rest angle thickness class production unit
production run change of colour photographic contact print conductors incorporated
colouring of coating height of segment single formation dual twin formation
regroovable tyre omega tyre PR number ply-rating number
overall section width PSI pressure index structure of a tyre ply cord
restricted carcass inextensible cord material circumferential belt temporary-use spare tyre
normal driving condition restricted driving condition tyre cord tyre ply
tyre carcass tyre sidewall lower sidewall tread groove
section height inflated new tyre nominal rim diameter theoretical rim
width of a tyre measuring rim cord separation V tyre
Z tyre tyre ground pressure tyre contact area cold inflation pressure
symmetrical tyre asymmetrical tyre load speed test rubber ridge
high flotation tyre tapered rim semi drop-centre rim normal-section tyre
wide-base tyre multi-piece rim smooth wheel power-driven test drum
single utilization spare unit normal spare unit automatic drawbar coupling
mounting frame automatic closing pin automatic locking pin overrun device
sprung drawbar sliding fifth wheel remote control device U-value
U load S-value notice of approval refusal of approval
loading requirement vertical bearing load removable coupling ball positive mechanical engagement
connecting radius suitable drawbar eyes locking torque coupling pin
sharp-edge part not slotted sleeve functional surface precluded inadvertent operation
sinusoidal load short coupling system pulsating test crack-testing
dye-penetration method alternating test force static lifting power static lifting force
vertical acceleration factor coupling point ball neck electrical socket plate
resonance pulser test angle asynchronous endurance test flexible intermediate component
stub axle steering fifth wheel steering maximum installation height fixing area
boat trailer rear tipper hinged coupling head frontal impact resistance
geometric performance requirement footwell intrusion Hybrid III dummy accident study
biomechanical research design seat-back angle multi-stage built vehicle tyre pressure indicator
deformable barrier face optional fitting H point unladen kerb mass
force-time performance criterion door locking system release control neck tension criterion
neck shear criterion axial femur force deformable structure steering wheel spoke
longitudinally adjustable seat locking position test speed longitudinal accelerometer
head performance criterion neck injury criterion thorax compression criterion viscous criterion
femur force criterion tibia index critical compressive force filtered signal
sternum deflection speed separate seat front bench seat passenger dummy
transverse instrumentation platform neck bracket lower torso pelvic angle
toeboard mid-calf length trousers upper torso webbing tension-relieving device
structure tested seat anchorage reference curve delta V equivalence curve
measuring channel frequency class calibration value gauging
real measurement axis phase delay time environment relative time delay
static calibration dynamic calibration calibration standard reference axis system
seismic mass analogue magnetic recorder paper tape recorder analogical filtering
honeycomb ribbon bumper element backing sheet cladding sheet
bumper facing sheet two-part polyurethane adhesive aluminium cell structure sample location
trimmed wall crush area crush rate minimum crush dístance
dirt deposit abrasive paper polishing effect ribbed rubber roller
clamping strip tibia impact test hard-faced pendulum soak period
impactor accelerometer impact face upper foot low-friction material
pendulum support arm impact cylinder low friction pivot abdominal peak force
side impact test disengaged parking brake longitudinal adjustment device torso reference line
head channel instrumentation thorax performance criterion half thorax abdominal protection criterion
joining blocks deformable impact zone deformable collision zone force-deflection corridor
fixed rigid barrier dynamometric wall side impact dummy flesh-simulating foam
triaxial accelerometer head-neck interface piece half spherical screw shoulder block
rib module piston-cylinder assembly tuning spring adjusting
plastic skeleton shoulder-arm joint flexion-extension rotation metal casting
foam covering non-measuring dummy unit upper femur arm attachment bolt
rib deflexion transducer arm positioning plate hip ball joint pelvis flesh covering
peak head acceleration certification headform pendulum pivot maximum flexion angle
flexure bending circular section buffer drop test rig rib cylinder
rib s piston rib s displacement transducer abdominal force transducer neck-bending pendulum
form-fitting underwear torso-arm reference line driver s seating position energy absorption characteristic
Eurosid head head form impactor hemispherical impact surface body block impactor
footbrake pedal pivot reserve travel unloader valve self-sealing valve
pressure tank reservoir cap rigid brake pipe flexible brake hose
automatic slack adjuster seized mechanism oval drum authorized axle load
spare wheel carrier tachograph seal speed limiter plate cut-off speed
turbo-charged diesel engine charging measurement enclosure smooth temperature pattern
diurnal emission test variable-volume enclosure fixed-volume enclosure bag sampling system