actual seisin seamen s wages mariners wages salvage of life
rescuer deliverer seal of office voting
crystallize crystallise spousal privilege marital privilege
legal privilege legal professional privilege attorney-client privilege patient-physician privilege
doctor-patient privilege path footway receiver-manager
receiver and manager serjeanty sergeantry pilotage service
pilot service servitium services easement of access
access easement easement of air easement for air easement of support
easement for support easement of way easement of passage easement of view
easement of prospect easement of eavesdrop easement of drip non-continuous easement
discontinuous easement personal easement easement in gross principal easement
primary easement reciprocal easements mutual easements mere right
naked right bare right mere expectancy bare expectancy
bare license mere licence mere license simple license
bare licence mere licensee naked licensee simple licensee
bare licensee mere possession naked possession bare possession
naked possibility mere possibility shipping casualty marine casualty
profit corporation corporation for profit guarantee company pure guarantee company
amalgamating corporation consolidating corporation merging company absorbed company
affiliate company trading company trading corporation commercial corporation
government corporation mental distress mental injury mental suffering
mental anguish sub-vendee sub-purchaser subcharterer subcharterer
underlessor under-lessor under-lessor sub-lessor sub-lessor subscription
subscription to stock stock subscription sub-subsidiary company sub-subsidiary
subinfeudation subinfeudation subinfeodation subinfeodation sub-letting under-letting
underletting subletting under-let under-let sub-partnership sub-partnership
subpartnership subpartnership sub-tenant specification specificatio
lay-day lay-day loading day lay time reversible lay time
reversible lay days shorthand reporter succession ab intestato intestate succession
hereditary succession lineal inheritance testate estate abater
Amalphitan Code entailment demurrage rate contradictory testimony
contradictory evidence non-expert testimony non-expert evidence expert testimony
expert opinion positive testimony direct testimony evidence under oath
sworn evidence sworn testimony testimony on oath testimony under oath
evidence on oath testimony in chief eye-witness eyewitness
eye witness Queen s evidence State s evidence King s evidence
legal joint tenancy equitable joint tenancy tenancy for life life tenancy
legal joint tenant equitable joint tenant tenant in chief tenant in capite
tenant in tail fee tail tenant metes and bounds adjoiners
leasehold tenure tenure in chief tenure in capite free socage tenure
socage tenure tenure in socage common socage villein tenure
villeinage tenure tenure in villeinage free tenure freehold tenure
common free socage unfree tenure non-free tenure tenure in copyhold
copyhold tenure words of contingency contingent words mandatory words
imperative words adjoining land contingent will conditional will
sailor s will seaman s will mariner s will serviceman s will
military testament theory last opportunity doctrine last chance doctrine
statutory tort theory statutory tort approach title by occupation title by occupancy
title by prescription prescriptive title colourable title apparent title
share purchase warrant share warrant stock purchase warrant stock warrant
bearer security title to property instrument of title squatter s title
fee simple title unmerchantable title unmarketable title root title
original title title by possession safe holding title sound holding title
good holding title option-holder option-holder registered tonnage direct transshipment
gratuitous transfer voluntary transfer gratuitous conveyance absolute transfer
conditional transfer transfer of ownership inter vivos conveyance inter vivos transfer
conveyance inter vivos secondary conveyance derivative conveyance inheritability
heritability transportation of goods carriage by sea mixed-carrier transportation
international multi-modal transport international multimodal transport conveyance by record primary conveyance
original conveyance ocean carrier sea carrier carrier by sea
maritime service maritime employment assistant treasurer administrative board
vice-admiralty court court of vice-admiralty maritime court marine court
deceptive loss of memory forgetfulness emotional disturbance
emotional distress mental pain anxiety ultimate heir
ultimus haeres last heir condominium unit unity of personality
unity of person vacant land unit bare land unit adverse user
adverse use permissive user permissive use trifling weight
trifling probative value conditional seller conditional vendor conditional sales vendor
original vendor original seller vend referral selling
referral sale sale by auction auction sale sale in bulk
bulk sale contingency sale veracity truthfulness
instructed verdict directed verdict injury to feelings injured feelings
defect in title defect of title title defect default of title
villenage villeinage breach of obligation contractual visitor
contractual entrant public thoroughfare highway voluntariness
volition pilotage district pilotage area compulsory pilotage district
compulsory pilotage area maritime belt marine belt abandonee
abatement of action abatement of legacy abatement of nuisance absolute estate
absolute life estate absolute owner absolute property accelerated rent
acceleration rule against accumulations action for redemption action of account
action of detinue action of waste administration ad colligendum administrator of estate
general administrator special administrator affidavit of execution affidavit on renewal
alienability alienation in mortmain alienee alienor
allodial ownership animus possidendi appendant incorporeal hereditament dramatic performance
apportionment of rent appraise arrears of rent assessed value
appraisal assessment list assessment roll specific assets
assignment in bankruptcy assignment of lease assignment of mortgage assumption of mortgage
passive trust attachment book attachment of debts authorized agent
bailiwick bailment for reward bankruptcy bargainor
barring of entails beneficial entitlement bona fide holder bona fide purchase
beneficial right book debt borough English fire-bote
house-bote bridle-path builder building lease
building line building lot building materials building permit
burgage tenure business assessment easement by prescription easement of convenience
easement of fencing easement of light easement of necessity easement of water
apparent easement appendant easement appurtenant easement continuous easement
equitable easement express easement implied easement private easement
public easement secondary easement ecclesiastical tenure egress
elegit emphyteusis encumbrancee enure
equal shares equitable assets equitable contingent remainder equitable conversion