wholly equitable interest equitable remainder escheatable escheated land
estate at will estate by estoppel estate for life estate for lives
estate for years estate interest estate in land estate in possession
estate of freehold estate of inheritance estate owner estate sum
estate tail general particular estate estate income insolvent estate
unencumbered estate estop estopped estoppel by tenure
collateral estoppel evidence of title execution of deeds executory bequest
executory estate executory interest executory limitation in expectancy
expropriate expropriating authority called building code
cancellation of a lease homestead right certificate of charge certificate of satisfaction
change of possession chain of representation chattel paper chattel real
claim on record co-administrator co-debtor co-insurance
coinsurance collateral mortgage collateral security committee
committeeship committee of lunatic common elements common expenses
common of estovers common of pasture common of piscary common of turbary
common vouchee commoner composition with creditors concurrent lease
concurrent lessee concurrent ownership consolidation of mortgages construction
construction of will contingent estate conventional estate corporeal personal property
conveying party cooperative owner cooperative ownership coparcenary
copyhold privileged copyhold copyholder corporeal tenement
co-surety covenant for renewal covenant to pay anticipated creditor
crop cross-easement cross-remainders Crown land
curtesy custom of gavelkind customary freehold customary socage
date of delivery debenture blanket mortgage deed of grant deed-poll
deed poll default of payment default deed of land
disentailing deed livery in deed registrar of deeds tax deed
title deed warranty deed defeasibility defeated lien
deferred ownership deficiency judgment deficiency of assets delineate
delineation delineator delivery in escrow delivery of a deed
demesne lands determinable entail determinable life estate determinable life interest
determination of a lease devisee for life devisor devisor devolution
discharge of attachment discharge of mortgage disentailment disentailment disseisee
disseisor distrainable distrainee distrainer
distress damage feasant distressed sale irregular distress right of distress
distribution in specie order for distribution doctrine of estates dominant tenant
dormant title bar of dower consummate dower conventional dower
customary dower conventional release of dower driftway
duplex during coverture dwelling dwelling-house
family settlement farm land farm property farmout agreement
fealty fee expectant fee farm fee-farm rent
fee in abeyance defeasible fee fee simple absolute future fee simple
fee simple owner fee simple conditional equitable fee simple legal fee simple
feoffee feoffment to uses feudal incident feudal law
feudal tenure fishery lease common fishery common of fishery
removable fixture trade fixture foreclosure order foreclosure proceedings
strict foreclosure forfeiture of lease formal lease free socage
freehold hereditament freehold land freehold real estate freehold reversion
freehold tenant non-freeholder future lease gavelkind
colourable gift gift sum grand distress grand serjeanty
grand sergeanty grant of land grant to uses licensed auctioneer
granting clause gratuitous bailee gratuitous bailment hand and seal
head lessee head lessor head tenant habendum clause
heir by devise heir by propinquity heir by representative heir in tail
heir special immediate heir lineal heir heriots
heritable estate highway easement homage ancestral husbandry
hypothec unconscionable behavior administration pendente lite administrator pendente lite
admittance assignment of interest preferential assignment attachment after judgment
attachment pendente lite attornment clause bailee for reward immediate freehold
impeachment of waste improved ground rent in gross in tail
in tail female inclosure incorporeal property incorporeal tenement
incumbrancer indefeasibility industrial land informal lease
inheritance tax come instrument ad probationem formal instrument
intangible property interesse termini interest surrendered absolute interest
equitable interest equitable proprietary interest expropriated interest part interest
participating interest undivided half interest undivided interest intermittent easement
investiture male issue without issue jointly held lands
knight s fee knight service doctrine of laches land registration district
land titles office land titles system landlord s reversion landlord-tenant relationship
lapsing to devolution in law lawful charges lay tenure
lease and release lease for life express intention lease in reversion
conditional lease majority opinion notarial lease parol lease
reversionary lease termination of lease leasehold improvements leasehold mortgage
leasehold reversion leasehold tenement lesser estate lesser interest
immediate lessor lienholder enforcement of lien existence of a lien
filing of lien first lien impair registration of lien
lien on property lienable interest lights limited administration
limited estate limited interest listing agreement livery in law
livery of seisin lunacy members and appurtenances mesne lessee
mesne assignment mesne lord mesne mortgage mesne profits
capital messuage metayer agreement military tenure mining claim
misdescription of land mixed hereditament monthly lease co-ordinate monument
mortgage clause mortgage company mortgage document mortgage sale
blanket mortgage first mortgage bond satisfaction of mortgage transfer of mortgage
unit mortgage mortgaged estate first mortgagee prior mortgagee
mortmain movable chattel notarial seal notice of sale
special occupant occupier of land offer to lease oil properties
option optionee order for possession ordinary life estate
original lease original lessee original lessor overholding
overlord apparent ownership general owner limited ownership
reputed ownership restricted ownership special owner unlimited ownership
charge on land copy corporate principal divine service
fit for habitation fitness for habitation real security packway
parcel of land parcels partial intestacy particular tenant
partition of land partitioner partly equitable interest partly legal interest
partnership property party ditch party fence wall party structure
pecuniary stake periodic lease perpetually renewable lease perpetuity period
personal hereditament piece of land planholder equitable pledge
verbal oath positive servitude regalia apparent possession
concurrent possession joint possession rightful possession possessory action
possessory right possibility of reverter power to accumulate predecessor in interest