coverage cox model criterion Cronbach s alpha
cross-cultural study cross-product ratio crossover design crude death rate
cumulative death rate cumulative incidence ratio cumulative incidence rate cusum
Seasonal cyclicity Secular cyclicity cyst count date of birth
date of death death registration area decision analysis decision tree
decrease deduction degrees of freedom Preterm delivery
Term delivery Posterm delivery demographic transition demonstration model
density of population denominator density sampling Dependent variable
Descriptive epidemiology Design variable Detection Diagnosis
Diagnostic index Dichotomous variable Diet Differential
Differential misclassification Digit preference Dimensionality Direct adjustment
Direct standardization disability Discordant Discrete data
Discrete variable Discriminant analysis Disease frequency survey Disease label
Disease odds ratio Preclinical disease Disease registry Disease taxonomy
Distorter variable Distribution function Distribution-free method Double-blind trial
Drift Droplet nuclei drop-out lost to follow-up
dropout Dummy variable Dynamic population Eating habits
Ecological analysis Ecological correlation Ecological fallacy Ecological study
Ecology effect Effect measure Effect modifier
Effective sample size Effectiveness Efficacy Efficiency
Egg count Elimination Empirical Encounter
End results Point source epidemic Epidemiologist Experimental epidemiology
Epornithic Error Type I error Type II error
Estimate Estimation Estimator Ethics
Etiologic fraction Etiologic study Etiology Evans postulates
Event Exact method Exact test Excess risk
Experiential variable Experiment Experimental study Explanatory study
Explanatory variable Exposed Exposure ratio Exposure-odds ratio
Expressivity External validity Extrapolation Extrapolate
F distribution factor Factor analysis Factorial design
false negative false positive Familial disease Family
Family contact disease Family study Extended family Nuclear family
Fertility rate Fertility ratio Fetal death Fetal death certificate
Fetal death rate Field survey Fisher s exact test Fishing expedition
Fitness Fixed cohort follow-up study Fomites
Force of mortality Forecasting Forecast Fortuitous relationship
Fourfold table Frequency distribution Frequency matching Frequency polygon
Frequency table Function Game theory Gaussian distribution
gene pool General fertility rate Generation effect Generation time
Dominant genetic disease Recessive genetic disease Sex-linked genetic disease Genetic linkage
Genetic penetrance genetics Geographic pathology Gestational age
Gold standard Gompertz s law Gonodotrophic cycle Goodness of fit
Gradient of infection Gravidity Gross reproduction rate Growth studies
Hackett spleen classification Halo effect Handicap Haphazard sample
hard data Hardy-Weinberg law Harmonic mean Hazard
Hazard rate health Health index Health indicator
Health promotion Health risk appraisal Health services research Health statistics
Health status index Health survey Healthy worker effect Hebdomadal mortality rate
Henle-Koch postulates Herd imunity Hibernation Histogram
Historical cohort study Historical control Holoendemic disease Holomiantic infection
Hospital separation Household sample survey Human blood index Human ecology
hyperendemic disease hypergeometric distribution Hypothesis testing Iatrogenic disease
Iceberg phenomenon ICHPPC Identifying number Identification number
Idiosyncrasy Illness behaviour Natural immunity Impairment
Inapparent infection Inception rate Incidence-density ratio Incident number
increase independent events independent variable index case
Index group Indicator variable indirect adjustment individual variation
induction period industrial hygiene Infectibility infectiousness
infectivity Inference Instrumental error Internal validity
interval incidence density Interval scale Intervention study Interview schedule
Involuntary smoking Island population Isometric chart Kappa
Kendall s tau Koch s postulates Kurtosis Large sample method
latent immunization latent infection latent period Latin square
Lead time Least squares Life events LEFD
Life style Life table Lifetime risk Likelihood function
Likelihood ratio test Linear model Linkage Lod score
Log-linear model Log-normal distribution Logistic model Logit
Logit model Longitudinal study Low birth weight Malaria endemicity
Malaria patent period Malaria periodicity Malaria reproduction rate Malaria survey
Management Manifestational variable Mantel-Haenszel estimate Mantel-Haenszel odds ratio
Mantel-Haenszel test Margin of safety Marginals Markov process
Matching Maternal death Maternal mortality rate Maternal mortality
Mathematical model Maximum allowable concentration maximum admissible concentration Maximum likelihood estimate
McNemar s test Measure of agreement Measure of association Measure of dispersion
Measure of frequency Measure of impact Measure of interaction Measurement
Measurement scale Mechanical transmission Median intermediate variable
intervening variable mediating variable mediator variable contingent variable
Medical audit Medical care Medical statistics Mendel s law
Meta-analysis Methodology Miasma theory Migrant studies
Mill s canons Minimum data set Misclassification Moderator variable
Modification Monotonic sequence Monte Carlo trial Monte Carlo study
Morbidity survey Multicollinearity Multifactorial etiology Multinomial distribution
Multiphasic screening Multiple causation Multiple logistic model Multiple regression
Multiple risk Multiplicative model Multistage model Multivariate analysis
Mutation rate Mutually exclusive classes Natural experiment Natural history study
Nearest neighbor method Neonatal mortality rate Neonatal period Net migration rate
Net reproduction rate NOEL No-observed-effect level Nomenclature
Nominal scale Nomogram Nonconcurrent study Nondifferential misclassification
Nonexperimental study Nonparametric methods Nonparametric test Nonparticipants
Normal Normal distribution Normal limits Normative
Nosocomial Nosology Nosography Numerator
Numerical taxonomy Observational study Observer variation Occurrence
Odds Odds ratio Open-ended question Operational research
Operations research opportunistic infection Ordinal scale Ordinate
Outcome Outcome variable Outliers Overestimation
Overmatching Overwintering Probability value P value
Paired samples Pairing pandemic Paradigm
Parametric test Parasite count Parasite density Paratenic host
objective Parity Particularisation Passage
Passenger variable Passive smoking Path analysis Pathogenesis