natural environment redevelopment housing stock communication system
transportation system planning consultant municipal services municipal facilities
sewage collection water supply water distribution garbage disposal
public open space urban renewal scheme area density
ground area floor area bulk of building bulk of structure
placement municipal clerk unconditional grant local service district
non-residential property municipal tax base territorial limit pier
causeway breakwater sewerage work water work
natural gas transient trader decrement proceedings local improvement district
local administrative commission solid waste triennial election Municipal Electoral Officer
building inspector chief financial officer general fund deficit revenue fund reserve
capital asset capital fund reserve snow removal service charitable association
local board controlling interest utility commission district planning commission
industrial commission municipal solicitor municipal engineer municipal planner
purchasing agent senior officer service club amusement device
blasting operation blasting record kennel animal control
running at large animal control officer retail establishment gravel pit
fire zone combustible material burning fuel flue
housing commission blighted area substandard area Interprovincial Standards Seal
local improvement curbing domestic sewer sewer
domestic sewage commercial sewage industrial sewage frontage
lineal measurement sewerage works surface drain water system
water main drain connection water service pipe stop-cock
special frontage assessment local improvement assessment net metre frontage total assessment
local improvement association public building municipal employee superannuation plan
parking meter parking space parking zone temperance society
religious society policing contract beach commission standards of sanitation
vehicular traffic tourist camp trailer camp mobile home park
mobile home mobile home site space sanitary sewerage system
water service sewerage service user-charge plumbing fixture
fire protection service unsightly premises spot audit water costs
injurious combination injurious words injury to character injury to reputation
innocent cause innocent mistake innocent passing-off intended economic loss
intended meaning intentional entry intentional publication intentional tort
intentional trespass intentional wrongdoing interspousal tort intervening act
intervening cause novus actus interveniens intentional trespasser intentional wrong
inverse passing-off joint illegal enterprise joint liability joint tort
joint tortfeasor joint wrongdoer jointly liable judicial privilege
justifiable reliance lack of causality latent danger lawful wedlock
legal risk material interest medical negligence misfeasor
multiple causes mutual consent negligence in word negligence standard
negligent behaviour negligent harm negligent misfeasance neighbouring occupiers
non-culpable intervening force objective standard ordinary care ordinary invitee
ordinary passing-off ordinary unprejudiced reader original privilege passing-off action
past loss personal negligence physical intrusion physical risk
prevent privilege of entry proximate result purely economic interest
reasonable behaviour reasonable belief remote cause secondary consequence
seduction simple danger skill slight harm
snap special knowledge special loss special risk
specific restitution standard of proficiency standard of reasonableness standard of liability
statutory vicarious liability tort immunity tortious harm tortious redress
truthful disparagement unavoidable cause unavoidable harm unconscious last opportunity
undue risk unforeseeability unforeseeability unintended harm unintended injury
unintended intrusion unlawful conspiracy unlikely risk unreasonable act
unreasonable risk vertical privity vitiate voluntary act
warranty of safety actionable in tort avoidable harm commercial misrepresentation
concurrent torts reasonably careful person lawful act lawful combination
lawful means lawful purpose lawful visitor legal act
legally wrongful act legitimate object liable loss of companionship
loss of consortium loss of services malfeasant material injury
material representation mere inactivity necessary condition necessity
negligence in act negligence per se negligent breach ordinary negligence
negligent conduct negligent publication negligent tort neighbour test
nominate tort non-dangerous thing non-defamatory non-delegable duty
non-fatal injury non-material injury non-pecuniary loss nuisance
obligation of care original tortfeasor original wrongdoer parasitic damages
passing-off passing off passive negligence permanent defamation
personal damage personal tort personal liability pre-natal injury
physical harm primary victim private duty private law duty
privilege of abatement privilege of necessity property damage property tort
public law duty purely financial injury reasonable conduct reasonableness
reckless misconduct recognizable risk replevisor rescue doctrine
right-thinking person self-help severally liable but for test
slander of goods slander of title slight negligence social duty
solatium stalemate rule standard person standard of performance
standard of recklessness common practice statement of law statutory immunity
statutory negligence subjective standard subjective test superseding cause
technical trespass threshold tort doctrine tort duty tortious defamation
tortious negligence transferred intent trespass ab initio trespasser ab initio
ultrahazardous activity unborn child unintended secondary consequence unintentional defamation
unlawful entry want of care carelessness wanton disregard
wanton misconduct wilful wrongdoing writ of trespass wrongful appropriation
wrongful disposal wrongful taking sound ordinary sensible person
abeyance of freehold absolutely vested estate absolutely vested remainder accessioner
accreted land actual bailee actual bailment actual entry
alternative contingency ancient user animus revertendi apparent contingency
artificial accession avulsion bailment at will beneficial co-ownership
beneficial enjoyment beneficial estate beneficial joint tenant cessation of user
class splitting common appendant common appurtenant composite class
conditional right condominium apartment owner condominium interest condominium owner
condominium title conductor confusion of goods constructive bailee
constructive bailment constructive entry contingent appointment contingent executory interest
contingent future interest contingent gift contingent limitation contingent remainderman
contingent residuary legacy contingent residuary legatee doctrine of accession doctrine of accretion
doctrine of emblements domesticated animal double contingency enjoyment
equitable executory interest equitable future interest equitable property right equitable successive interest
exclusive possession executory devisee executory gift executory gift-over
executory gift over executory remainder existing interest freehold in deed
freehold in law freehold lease fructus industriales fructus naturales
graduated lease gross lease hostile possession immediate estate