immediate interest immediate life estate immediate tenant in enjoyment
in interest in possession indefeasibly vested interest industrial crop
industrial growing crop intermediate interest intervening interest involuntary bailee
involuntary bailment joint beneficial interest leasehold land legal contingent remainder
legal executory interest legal property right legal seisin limited owner
locator lost property malicious waste mandatary
mandator mandatum measuring life mislaid goods
natural accession natural crop net lease net net lease
triple net lease net net rent net rent non-owner
non-proprietary interest non-proprietary right non-reversionary interest open possession
overholder ownerless property ownerless thing percentage lease
percentage rent permanent fixture permissive enjoyment permissive possession
preceding estate preceding interest present enjoyment present estate
present interest present right prior interest profit appurtenant
profit in gross progressive rent proprietary action proprietary privilege
qualified owner quasi-bailee quasi-bailment removable tenant s fixture
removable trade fixture reversion for life right in gross right of accession
right to emblements scintilla juris sliding scale rent sole possession
spes successionis successive limitations supporting estate tame animal
thing appendant thing appurtenant unity of seisin unity of spouses
vadium variable rent vested estate vested gift
vested in right vested remainderman waif admission of fact
admission of law adoptive admission affirmant ancient document
assertory oath authentic copy authenticating witness authenticity
bad character bad reputation basic fact best evidence
casual evidence character evidence character trait class claim
collective facts rule compellable witness competent witness conclusive evidence
confidential communication confrontation confusion of issues contemporaneous statement
contents claim conveyancer s evidence countering evidence credible witness
criminal evidence cumulative evidence de facto discretion de jure discretion
declarant deemed demeanor evidence demeanour of witness
designated witness direct oral evidence discretionary act discretionary judicial notice
dispell divestitive fact dock identification duplicate original
inconsistent presumptions conflicting presumptions opening address rebuttable presumption
statement against interest discover evidence of reputation evidence of usage
evidence on affirmation examination upon oath exclusionary rule similar fact evidence
allegation of fact authorized admission character witness credible evidence
dock statement ear witness element of proof confession of judgment
further examination second-hand hearsay multiple hearsay judicial discretion
jury panel false witness hue and cry good reputation
facta probantia hearsay rule good character favorable witness
first-hand hearsay fishing expedition formal proof foundation fact
foundation witness geriatric evidence hearsay exclusion hearsay exception
explanatory evidence immaterial evidence viva voce evidence evidence rule
claim for privilege impeachment of witness imperial document implicate
implication incidental admission incompetent witness inconsistent statement
indispensable evidence legally sufficient evidence logical probative value mandatory judicial notice
husband-wife privilege medical expert negative averment negative proof
newsman s privilege parol evidence rule partial evidence past recollection
past recollection recorded physical fact preliminary evidence presumed fact
previous inconsistent statement preliminary fact privilege against disclosure privileged evidence
privileged writing prospective witness psychiatric evidence psychiatric expert
public document professional privilege quasi admission reasonable doubt
refresh reluctant witness reception scientific evidence
self-authenticating document self-serving statement single original statutory presumption
successive presumptions sufficiency of evidence suggestive interrogation presumption of law
privilege against self-incrimination statement in writing sworn witness opposing counsel
opposing witness oral hearsay oral statement out-of-court statement
marital communications privilege exhibit incriminating document testimonial privilege
traditionary evidence trustworthy writing uncorroborated evidence verbal act
vicarious admission view voice identification voir dire
weigh withholding of evidence witness to will written hearsay
abandonment of appeal abridge absconding debtor acting clerk
address for service adjudge adjudicative fact admission by co-conspirator
trifling probative force adult person affidavit of documents affidavit of service
allowance for maintenance amendment of pleadings appeal book Appeal Division
application on affidavit articled student assertion of a claim assertion of a defense
assessing officer assessment of costs attendance money attendance at trial
Attorney General award on a submission attendance of a witness bad reputation evidence
bill of costs bursting bubble theory bundle of documents burden
business record business address balance of probabilities certificate of appellant
certificate of assessment certificate of respondent certificate of solicitor change of venue
character evidence rule chief court reporter civil appeal civil matter
claim for relief clear day close of pleadings co-conspirator
commencement of action commencement of proceedings commitment common count
competent court concurrent writ conduct of a proceeding conflicting decision
conformed copy confuse consolidation of actions constitutional facts
contempt order contested motion convicted person corollary relief
corroborative witness person charged costs of attendance costs of proceedings
counter-petition court en banc court official court of record
court reporter courtroom criminal admission criminal appeal
criminal charge criminal matter adversarial system admission against interest
amount involved adverse claim adversely affected conditional appearance
continuance of suit costs awarded court attendant court document
court records criminative fact cross-action Crown debt
Crown debtor decision appealed from privity rule decree of divorce
decretal order default of pleadings default proceedings defaulting witness
defence to counterclaim defence to cross-claim delivery of a writ demand for particulars
direct oral testimony disallowance disposition without trial disreputable witness
dissenting opinion documentary exhibit duty counsel impanel
empanel early hearing enforcement order equitable ground
equitable relief evidence by affidavit exhaustion of memory exhaust
evidence supporting a statement bidding papers by consent confession of defence
dispute note failure to comply false oath fear of prejudice
filing fee final award fresh recollection frivolous objection
further particulars further submission genuine recollection helpfulness rule
hope of advantage original process immaterial fact immediate real evidence
implied confession impugned statement inadmissibility independent recollection
independent testimony indirect confession inferential fact inference of fact
interlocutory application involuntary confession abridgment of time application for committal