intermediate assignee non-absolute assignment involuntary assignment partial assignment
oral assignment non-statutory assignment express condition payment by instalments
foreseeable consequence absolute assignment assignability assignability assignment by delivery
assignment for value reasonably contemplated result unlikely consequence remote consequence
contemplate advance payment calculate action of assumpsit
doctrine of consideration breach of a term impossible consideration concurrent consideration
valid consideration fraudulent concealment honest misrepresentation binding contract
existing contract enforcement of contract strict duty invitation to tender
call for tender unconditional contract contract damages action for deceit
conditional sale contract contract to sell sub-agreement of sale promisee s reliance
procedural unconscionability substantive unconscionability formally invalid contract net expectancy
promisee s expectation reasonable reliance contractual consideration contract of marriage
contract lien contract carrier contract of bailment independent covenant
independent contract promise of marriage representation of law entirety of contract
specifically enforceable contract negligent misstatement fraudulent representation negligent statement
statement of fact negligent representation representor original work
lease agreement contract for lease contractual licensee hiring agreement
contract of exchange contract to repair export contract promise de futuro
recoverable damage promissory condition contingent condition concurrence of intention
law of restitution binding promise highest bid assignee in law
mistaken assumption contract liability absence of consent doctrine of agency
late performance late acceptance of specific performance Hague Rules
release of ship commission of sale marshal s account caveat payment
caveat book commission of removal Preliminary Act claim for towage
Canadian maritime law damage to ship carrier by water Himalaya clause
licensed pilot pilotage certificate pilot lead tug
caveat release book caveat payment book master s lien mortgaged ship
respondentia respondentia bond supercargo master s wages
mariner s contract mate boatswain viaticum
collision at sea rules of navigation risk of collision compulsory pilot
negligence causing collision passing ship damage to cargo seaworthy condition
receiver of wreck pilotage reward right to salvage unseaworthy vessel
necessaries men certificated mate salved cargo co-salvor
port of destination negligent navigation builder s certificate action of restraint
ship s papers admiralty action admiralty judge arrested ship
bad stowage breach of charter cargoworthiness cargoworthy ship
Caspiana clause charter rate colliding vessel colliding ship
collision regulations deck cargo declaration of ownership deep sea certificate
demurrage clause demurrage day deviation deviation clause
doctrine of deviation general average act general average contribution general average expenditure
general average loss general average rules general average sacrifice general ship
goods-owner home port limitation proceeding mate s receipt
load line certificate maritime arbitration maritime claim non-compulsory pilotage area
pilotage authority pilot flag pilotage order pilot signal
port of departure preliminary voyage rolls of Oléron salvage lien
salvage suit salvor s lien seaworthy ship ship s husband
territorial waters towage agreement towage remuneration tramp
uncargoworthy ship under-deck cargo unregistered ship unseaworthy condition
unseaworthy ship writ in rem York-Antwerp Rules chartered ship
intermediate port unlicensed pilot towage operation stevedoring contract
stowage plan wreck maritime property marine policy
ship s register admiralty district Admiralty Division bulk cargo
cargo space certificate of competency class of ships commission of vice-admiralty
construction register foreign registered ship certificated officer conference agreement
foreign voyage government ship gross tonnage home-trade voyage
inland voyage interconference agreement international voyage inland waters ship
Lord High Admiral low water mark minor waters ship maritime jurisdiction
minor waters voyage notice of seizure nuclear ship open ship
passenger passenger accommodation recorded vessel salvage of property
shipping master shipping office surveyor of ships tonnage rate
vice-admiralty judge vice-admiralty prize court training vessel preliminary act
collective work captor capture cargo under arrest
caveatee commission of appraisement excepted peril maritime hypothecation
maritime supplies maritime tort navigability in fact navigable river
navigable waters navigation rules sea-letter sea stores
seaman at sea sea laws notice of bail maritime transaction
maritime territory maritime cause laws of Rhodes judgments of Damme
International Maritime Committee craft admiralty practice Assizes of Jerusalem
nationality of ship carriage by water deputy marshal bottomry instrument
bottomry lien certificate of hypothecation hypothecation bond certificate of appraisement
account of sale certificate of removal discharge of cargo admiralty registry
registry division admiralty registrar libellant libellee
bill of entry bill of sight naval court allotment note
arrived ship average statement commission clause delivery clause
frustration of charter-party mortgagee of ship mortgagor of ship particular average loss
readiness to discharge readiness to load withdrawal clause wreck commissioner
managing owner inland water vessel judgments of Oléron consular jurisdiction
unknown clause voyage policy sacrifice operator
instrument of hypothecation lender on bottomry lender on respondentia contract of hypothecation
bottomry action safe arrival adventure bottomry bondholder
admiral-ship damaged ship damaged cargo naval court-martial
c i f contract consignment of ship consignee of ship salvage to cargo
voyage weight quantity unknown alongside demurrage period
liberty to average consecutive voyage charterparty concurrent voyage charterparties intermittent voyage charterparty
voyage freight sub-charterparty crew cargo gear
freight agreement general freight agreement motorboat motorboat loading berth
cost and freight ex ship superimposed clause regular shipping line
sailing vessel sailing ship country of dispatch ex quay
average damage general average charges particular charges crew list
ship s husbandry public carrier certificated master first mate
second mate national shipping line shippers organization promotional freight rate
special freight rate loyalty arrangement segmented transport multimodal transport operator
high water mark ship register transire unloading
abandoned vessel air cushion vehicle applicant for registry application for registry
Canadian waters certificate of inspection first class engineer traffic clearance
coast guard discharge of ship foreign-built ship harbour master
health officer lien for freight Load Line ship marine traffic regulator
fishing master fishing mate measurement of ship merchant ship
navigable fresh waters pleasure yacht police vessel return port
port warden record book rescue coordinator Safety Convention ship