memorandum merger mesne process messuage
misconduct misdirection misrepresent mortgagee
mortgagor move twin wills mutual wills
natural right nomination description non-direction
non-disclosure failure to perform fault by omission fault of omission
inaction inactivity nonfeasance non-performance
passive inaction failure to act notice oath
object occupancy occupant occupier
offeree office omission one-minute speech
ouster overriding interest part part-ownership
part ownership partial performance part performance partition
partnership at will pawnbroker payment per capita
by heads actionable per se per stirpes permissive waste
rule against perpetuities perpetuity rule political corporation person
personalty effects petitioner requisitionist
applicant plaintiff pledgee pawnee
pawnor pledger pledgor pawner
point of law issue of law portion apportioned part
possession de facto possession possession in deed possession in fact
real possession actual possession possession in law adverse possession
possessory title power of appointment precatory words condition precedent
predecease preferential debt without prejudice preliminary inquirie
preliminary hearing prerogative royal prerogative presumption
heir presumptive false pretences false pretense falsehood
false pretence original documentary evidence primary evidence first-hand evidence
private nuisance privilege government privilege Crown privilege
privileged communication privileged occasion privileged meeting privity of contract
prize prize court court of prize probate
letters testamentary grant of probate abuse of process proctor
procuring procurement professional skilled witness
expert promise promissory estoppel proof of service
proprietary proprietary right proprietor Crown prosecutor
Crown attorney marine protest publication puisne judge
penal damages punitive damages retributory damages vindictive damages
liquidated damages purchase price purchaser pyramid selling
pyramid sale question of law ratification ratio decidendi
re-examination redirect examination reasonable person reasonable man
rebut evidence in reply rebuttal rebutting evidence
reply evidence evidence in contradiction receiving order counterwills
reciprocal wills counter wills recklessness recognizance
estreated recognizance estoppel in pais record recover
redeem redemption register certificate of registry
registration certificate certificate of registration land registration system land registry system
land registration registry registry port rehearing
contingent remainder vested remainder remoteness of damage rent
peppercorn rent nominal rent rental value rentcharge
rent charge renunciation personal legal representative personal representative
legal personal representative public reputation reputation general reputation
requisition requisition on title res gestae res gesta
reservation residuary legatee residuary devisee residuary estate
special resolution extraordinary resolution restitution restrictive covenant
annual return reversion reversionary interest reversionary right
right in reversion right of reverter estate in reversion review
judicial review right root of title sale
bill of sale salvage vessel satisfaction accord and satisfaction
scrip contract under seal second mortgage security
security of tenure security for costs self-defence self-incrimination
sell sell forward freight forward seller
service of process personal service service contract contract of service
servient land servient tenement servient estate set-off
settled land marriage settlement settlor severally
severance share share certificate majority shareholding
minority interest minority shareholding majority interest sheriff
shipping agent shipping company shipping order shipwreck
silence simple reticence nondisclosure informal contract
parol contract simple contract contract by parol silent partner
sleeping partner dormant partner slip small claims court
special contract specialty specialty contract contract by specialty
squatter squat stand witness stand
witness box case stated stated case case agreed on
statement of claim declaration statutory stay of execution
stipulation proviso stockbroker stranger
strict liability sub-contract subcontract sub-lease
under-lease underlease sublease sublet
subornation of perjury condition subsequent substantive law substituted service
succession tenancy at sufferance summary judgment writ of summons
survivorship tail takeover offer takeover bid
land tax tenancy joint tenancy tenancy in common
tenancy at will dominant land dominant tenement dominant estate
tenure term condition testamentary
testamentary competency testamentary capacity testamentary disposition testamentary instrument
testamentary paper testamentary transaction testamentary act testator
testatrix testify testimonium clause time charter
absolute title tortfeasor home trade coasting trade
transferable transferee transferor assignor
treasure-trove treasure trove trespass to chattels trespass to goods
trespass de bonis bodily insecurity trial judge tribunal
trover true copy trust constructive trust
quasi contract quasi-contract implied trust sprinkling trust
discretionary trust trustee umpire underwriter
undisclosed principal undue influence unlawful unliquidated damages
usher vacation valuable consideration vendor
venue place of trial verdict vest
vested interest vested right acquired right vesting order
vicarious liability alternative liability visitor voluntary confession
voluntary liquidation volunteer voluntary purchaser waiver
bonded warehouse warrant warrant to apprehend bench warrant
warrantee warrantor breach of warranty White Paper
holograph will olograph holograph without reserve
witness unfavorable witness adverse witness wound