wrong wrongful act act of wrong-doing wrongdoing
misfeasance Dropper container Measuring device Multipuncturer
Pipette applicator Pre-filled pen Prick test applicator cutaneous sponge
dental insert Impregnated pad instant herbal tea Orodispersible tablet
Solution for haemodiafiltration agreed minute attachment debt service
Special Drawing Right partial debt cancellation collusion collusive action
comment commissioner of oaths commissioner for oaths common
common carrier close corporation closed corporation closely held corporation
closely-held corporation private company close company compensatory damages
actual damages competency competence complainant
irrebuttable presumption conclusive presumption finding of fact conclusion of fact
condominium confession confession and avoidance conflicting evidence
consent consideration conspiracy constitution
notice in law constructive notice contempt of court contingent right
contingent interest breach of contract contractor contradict
contributory negligence convey conveyance fraudulent transfer
fraudulent conveyance conveyancer conveyancing convict
coroner corporateness corporate personality corporeal hereditaments
corroboration counsel averment count
allegation counterclaim counterpart court order
coverture judgment creditor cross-examine Crown
custodian custodier keeper custodial institution
custom aggravated damages exemplary damages measure of damages
mitigation of damages nominal damages fair use fair dealing
death certificate judgment debtor decease death
deceased person decedent deceased deceit
deception declaratory judgment decree nisi decree absolute
deed deed of assignment defamatory imputation defamatory matter
defamatory publication defamatory statement defamatory things defamatory utterance
defamatory word defamatory comment defame defeasance
defense deficiency del credere agent demise
demonstrative gift demonstrative legacy demonstrative bequest denial
deny deponent registrant affiant
depositee depositary depository derelict
derivative action descent lineal descent detinue
detriment devise legatary legatee
devisee devolve direct evidence board of directors
discharge discredit disposal disposition
gift alienation dispossess dispossession
amotion disseisin dissent distrain
distress cause list docket motions day list
trial list cause book donatio mortis causa donation
drawee drawer dock dues harbor dues
harbour dues port dues dock charges duress
duty duty of care dutiable items estate tax
trading estate estate duty earnest earnest money
earnest-money erles arles positive easement
affirmative easement negative easement ejection eiusdem generis
action of ejectment growing crop standing crop emblements
enact enactment enclosure encroachment
security interest encumbrance enterprise concern
entice enticing enticement entry of judgment
equitable mortgage escrow estate preclusion
estoppel estoppel by deed estovers estoppel by record
evict eviction documentary evidence rule of evidence
without notice ex parte exception executive committee
executive executrix executress exonerate
expectancy legal costs legal expenses legal fees
legal charges express term extract extraneous evidence
extrinsic evidence evidence aliunde in deed in fact
de facto injurious falsehood falsify malicious falsehood
falsify accounts fiduciary fi fa fieri facias
fixture flotsom flotsam forbearance
foresight test test of foreseeability foreseeability test forfeit
forgery form fraudulent misrepresentation freeholder
freightage freight impossibility frustration
general lien meeting of shareholders meeting of stockholders shareholders meeting
stockholders meeting general meeting good consideration goodwill
grant of administration grantee guilt culpability
stevedoring handling head lease principal lease
chief lease hearsay testimony hearsay evidence heir
heirs and assigns heirloom hereditament holding over
homestead hostile witness fully paid share hotchpot
identity parade line-up lineup identification parade
import licence imputation incapacity want of capacity
disability incident incompetency incompetence
incriminate criminate indented deed indenture
deed indented indicator minor infant
provisional injunction temporary injunction interim injunction injure
injurious detrimental personal injury bodily injury
instruct intangible interim order interrogation
oral examination questioning examining jetsom
jetsam default summons judgment by default judgment in default
pronounce judgment default judgment judicial note judicial notice
judicial knowledge judiciary jurat jurisdiction
jurisprudence juristic person trial by jury petty jury
petit jury jury-box jury box kindred
knowledge law school mercantile law law merchant
in law de jure lawful leading question
leasehold leaseholder leasehold tenant drawing of installation
Shimmy tensioning strap runner kick down charging circuit
lettering photopic spectral efficacy timing belt cam belt
radiator Seconded Elected Appointed
Delegated Assigned Assistant Director-General Adviser hors classe
Chief Adviser Adviser Administrator hors classe Head of Section
Principal administrator power pharmacophore unrealised loss
paper loss CCBM DVP system NCB business day
ECB time ISIN competent evidence due proof
proper evidence admissible evidence serious Strip
strip activation policy TARGET TARGET system