national roaming inward call incoming call intra-cell handover
intracell hand-off active hyperlink active link selected link
activated link hexaploid wheat opening tag start tag
beginning tag end tag ending tag closing tag
broadband communication halfbeaks bushland shrubland
brushland track kerning transmission channel branchwood
cryptosystem cryptographic system Italian cypress cellular system
virulent strain ancillary provisions serif sprouting
address field regional standards organization volume table kerning table
broadleaved oak press agency news agency performance specification
proforma pro forma mark of conformity sawlog
quaint character tied letters ligature twisted pair
videotex terminal teletext broadcast videography teleservice
avocado pear avocado document type clones randomly assigned
non-repudiation Douglas fir alias name HANDO
handover hand-off editing sandy clay soil
concurrent proceedings brown rat ROCE LDPR
Liberal Democratic Party public spending public expenditure CBRF
Bank of Russia SCNRS fuel oil Swedish krona
krona Environmental Party Green Party Environment party
Moderate Unity Party Moderate Party Left Party Portuguese escudo
material breach quota system range field worker
interviewer enumerator suspensive arrangements youth card
National Farmers Confederation Directorate-General of Forestry diethyl ether Financial Balance Fund
Directorate-General for Audits Manilla clam short-necked clam Japanese clam
trade related credit Portuguese Communist Party PEDAP giant river prawn
Greens Official Audit Plan iso-propanol silvery cod
patentability of inventions picarels PEDIP Grand Cross
ethyl cyanoacrylate unexploded object unexploded ordnance unexploded explosive ordnance
glucose alpha-hydroxy acid police formality activity-based costing
CD R CD-R Compact Disc Recordable recordable CD
recordable compact disk CD-Recordable FPLMTS pleiotropic effect
gross area culvert carrier drain pump
protective structure land-locked state transit state agreement in writing
consortium member fraud investigation budgetary monitoring electromagnetic field
protein level protein content watercress regional service
mono-ammonium phosphate intelligent network ultrashort wave enforcement of a judgment
Hierarchical Storage Management overwintering wintering hibernation
public domain loyalty agreement loyalty arrangement fidelity arrangement
Fisheries Organisation Societies neophyte neophyte user incipient user
Committee on Fisheries Committee of Fisheries psychostimulant Grand Chancellor
SIFIT infringing behaviour unlawful conduct infringement
examination procedure competition authority per cent load industrial property
Bronze Medal acetate senescence senility
ageing concerted practice hexamethylene capping rate
socio-economic group cadmium fluoride ERMES SETAC
pontic shad build-down enumeration district SIMIAT
peroxidase trademark uniform rate species diversity
mental age phytophage plant eater herbivore
actual step nesting wet deposition energy transformation
degree Celsius Celsius European Music Year snare
TREES IEPG CEPIS European Southern Observatory
EOTC European BIC Network EMEP ECIF
CEDRE European retail confederation transfer general assistant
ETSI technical report European Payments Union TUTB RARE
CECOM EFCTC EATCHIP European standard
ERGATT European standardisation database EUROCONTROL EVCA
consortium agreement prEN Draft European standard MAP-TV
Memory Archives Programme Memory-Archives-Programmes-TV European pre-standard CCFE
Eurag Nordic Rheumatism Year EUROMIL European cultural network
AVERE European Brushware Federation CSCE Ministerial Council EQHHPP
Euro-Quebec Hydro-Hydrogen project Injured Party subsidised European region subsidised Euregio
European Taxi Confederation FESE IEEP European Standardisation Council
Marks Committee Cencer Committee EURO AIM EURO-AIM
European ethical observatory EFNMU European audiovisual space European audio-visual area
Cenelec Certification Agreement Disadvantaged Areas Scheme Fianna Fáil party Fianna Fáil
Fine Gael Labour Party Labour Progressive Democrats
Workers Party INLA IFSC Irish punt
punt Irish pound Interpretative Centre FLAC
not properly incorporated Orá programme Democratic Party Christian Social Party
Luxembourg franc Luxembourg Monetary Institute Manual skills certificate Income Tax Law
kuruma prawn three-spined stickleback private car private motor vehicle
passenger car composite theoretical performance market value NGMTS
post-clearance check suspensive arrangement contact institution rock rose
Killarney Strawberry Tree Judas tree butcher s broom hop hornbeam
cohabiting concubinage cohabitation lentisk
selvedge honey locust locust tree black locust
Northern League Christian Democracy ARCOB Greens Rainbow Party
Proletarian Democracy Lombardy Regional Party Lombard League MSI-DN
Italian Communist Party PRI-PLI-Fed Non-sectarian List PSDI
Italian Socialist Party Democratic Left Party Sardinian development fund Italian lira
upland authority association Anas State road-building authority National Roads Authority
Mezzogiorno Investment Plan ministerial order international goods centre trap
ENEA valve seat pension insurance scheme safety valve
Italian Social Movement RETE Network Democratic Movement Italian Republican Party
Communist Refoundation Party Presidential Decree Italian Popular Party Italian People s Party
Naples-Europe-Africa Italian Liberal Party know-how licensing agreement social insurance
CERM TSIP wood naphtha homelessness
high frequency data transmission data communication acrylic staple
polyethylene fibre isopropyl alcohol biota wholesale distribution
wholesale trade wholesale business counter-measure goods in transit
table water denaturing agent costs of collection collection costs