Local Staff Committee PHACSY Independent Electoral Commission interim report
closure of a debate follow-up procedure joint parliamentary committee right of inquiry
electronic voting independent mandate minority opinion oral amendment
standing interparliamentary delegation IGME ELINYAE Greek Cotton Board
PASKE Panhellenic Workers Movement PEAEA Labour Institute
GGCL Greek Communist Party Hellenic Telecommunications Organisation PASEGES
cloudiness Perimeter Acquisition Radar attack helicopter assault helicopter
linkage coupling free-electron laser air-tanker
flying tanker tanker aircraft aerial tanker plexiglas
syntactic foam extrusion copra plastomer
degassing degasification dustbath dust bathing
feeder stocking rate stocking density ingestion of food
food intake tactical nuclear weapon CLGP cannon-launched guided projectile
strategic nuclear force guided weapon light observation helicopter nuclear-weapon state
nuclear-weapon power peaceful nuclear explosion re-entry vehicle cluster bomb unit
fuel-air explosive LRBM long-range ballistic missile municipal executive
antisubmarine aircraft antiship missile antisubmarine helicopter atomic demolition munition
hardware phantom hyphen soft hyphen discretionary hyphen
overstrike footline running foot footer
hyphenation mule dismantling International Military Staff
exchange transaction coco service contract inspection site
steel cable antimissile laser binary weapon anti-aircraft missile
active deterrence solid propellant biodegradable surfactant biodegradable tenside
protocooperation alliance reproductive biology ecosphere
population dispersion photic zone liquid propellant submarine-launched missile
antiballistic missile system antisatellite missile control of disarmament deterrent capability
homing weapon killer satellite hunter-killer satellite military build-up
shipboard missile naval missile rearmament silo
surface-to-air missile system air-launched missile antisatellite laser beam arms race
strategic bomber boost-phase interception finite deterrence basic deterrence
MRCM medium-range cruise missile concealment measure countercity strike
counter-deterrence counter force strike defence-in-space system denuclearisation
destructive power destructive potential deterrence deterrence credibility
deterrent strategy dual key system early-warning satellite early-warning system
essential parity essential equivalence Euromissile extended deterrence
fighting mirror first strike first-strike capability first-strike strategy
first-strike weapon fixed launching pad flexible response second-echelon forces
follow-on forces forward defence fratricide geosynchronous mirror
graduated deterrence grey area weapon grey area system land-based missile
ground-launched missile guidance system guided missile protected site
hardened site hard missile base heat-seeking missile heavy ballistic missile
heavy missile high-energy laser homing interceptor hydrogen-fluoride laser
infrared-emitting aerosol infrared sensor interceptor aircraft jammer
kiloton weapon land-based intercontinental missile lanwair system land-water-air-system
laser beam weapon laser gyroscope launch on warning launch weight
launcher aircraft lethal chemical agent limited nuclear retaliation limited nuclear war
LRCM longe-range cruise missile lung irritant megatonnage
megaton weapon microwave weapon midcourse correction manoeuvre midcourse guidance
in-flight guidance midcourse interception military balance military space race
mirved missile missile base missile deployment missile submarine
missile range mobile launcher mobile missile MLBM
multiple warhead missile multistage missile mustard gas sulphur mustard
yperite dichloroethyl sulphide nerve gas nerve agent
neutron warhead non-use of force nuclear arms freeze nuclear artillery
atomic artillery nuclear conflict nuclear exchange nuclear guarantee
nuclear parity nuclear strike force nuclear-powered submarine nuclear submarine
nuclear supremacy nuclear superority nuclear surface burst nuclear threat
nuclear threshold nuclear umbrella nuclear underwater burst offensive armaments system
operational missile operational nuclear weapons overkill capability particle beam
particle-beam weapon PENAIDS Penetration Aids photoreconnaissance satellite
photographic satellite pre-emptive strike pre-emptive attack retaliation forces
sea-to-air missile second strike second-strike capability second-strike strategy
self-guided missile semi-active homing guidance SRCM short-range cruise missile
short-range missile single-warhead missile smart weapon soft missile base
space mine space weapon space-weapons programme spy satellite
Star Wars program strategic balance strategic combat aircraft strategic nuclear weapon
strategic weapon strike-back capability retaliatory capability sub-kiloton weapon
SLIM subsurface-to-subsurface missile surface-to-sea missile surface-to-subsurface missile
surface ship tactical support aircraft tactical nuclear missile tactical weapon
terminal guidance tracking station underground nuclear explosion underground nuclear burst
unilateral disarmament yellow rain window of vulnerability X-ray laser
nuclear yield zero option antiradar missile air-to-surface vessel radar
chemical and bacteriological comprehensive disarmament plan cruise missile carrier Megaton equivalent
equivalent megatonnage integrated weapon system Military Committee mutual forces reduction
Multilateral Nuclear Force missile site radar nuclear-free zone nuclear-weapon-free zone
NWFZ denuclearised zone probability of kill range error probability
Nuclear-Powered Attack Submarine transporter-erector-launcher theatre nuclear forces priority question
non-priority question proceedings in camera emergency meeting legislative initiative
third reading committee stage additional plenary session mini-session
additional part-session CCFP Public Health Committee Public Health Commission
European Pharmacopoeia Commission technology integration projects SPEC sanitary conditions
PACT Senior Citizens Parliament open network provision ISDN
European Economic Community Contact Committee allowance in compensation Merger Treaty
Forza Europa Group GNP Committee EEA Joint Committee EEA statistical programme
EEA census programme financial mechanism committee EPEFE ECTEL
EMARS MARS Product Committee Financial Committee
MAILLEUROP vitiated consent pressed felt wool felt
felt sitting committee meeting draw up a report
secret ballot teller opening address ballot paper
speaking time Question Time admissibility joint debate
written declaration rapporteur draft agenda final draft agenda
Chamber conduct of sittings point of order speech
referral to committee full member subcommittee study mission
study journey fact-finding mission fact-finding journey committee bureau
draft amendment non-legislative report committee responsible draftsman
own-initiative report INI report interparliamentary delegation petition
hearing petitioner Secretariat supplementary question
grant discharge confidential procedure reprimand first Vice-President
political affinity file an appeal Community legislature Recarm
Esspros list of speakers European Chemicals Bureau European Chemical Bureau