olfaction body fragrance General Meeting
European anchovy anchovy rosin colophony
black market propellent powder interior design Mutual Assistance Group
spray cooling magnetic bubble memory taxation of trade private branch exchange
red-throated diver estimate joint land holding thermal neutron analysis
thermal neutron activation very light aeroplane chlorofluoromethane D-RAM
DRAM dynamic random-access memory dynamic storage dynamic Ram
diester EPROM erasable programmable ROM polythene
polyethylene PROM random-access storage read-write memory
random-access memory exempt person abatement of levies acariosis
Voluntary Restraint Agreement franchising agreement franchise agreement specific agreement
discharge Community food aid specific common measure sales promotion measures
eligible operation innovative operation innovative measure specific agronomic measures
structural measures updating of amounts hub airport Supply Agency
peroxoacid air traffic services farm holidays farm tourism
rural tourism agri-tourism recruitment subsidy investment aid
aid for investments adjustment aid food aid operating aid
additional storage aid tied development cooperation tied aid non-reimbursable preaccession aid
structural adjustment albumin agricultural alcohol vinous alcohol
wine alcohol output fluctuation fluctuation in production concentrated feed
calf milk substitute calf milk replacer animal nutrition animal feeding
genetic improvement starch industry starch cornstarch
source term analysis celestial navigation cockpit staff cockpit personnel
cross-talk crosstalk Burgundy mixture cylindrical cell
alternate aerodrome crab angle Own Funds Directive owner-cultivation
owner occupancy flight operations flight recorder babesiosis
transit document payment instrument instrument of payment reference year
liaison office videophonic recorder video recording apparatus videophonic reproducer
video reproducing apparatus analytical equipment adulteration of wine call for funds
variety denomination varietal description sales to intervention integrated approach
article dormancy period European Assizes European Audiovisual Conference
non-profit making association not-for-profit association non-profit association advance
poultry raising poultry farming priority rural development priority
virus tested buttermilk denatured buttermilk farm building
stabled cattle stalled cattle housed livestock Christmas butter
non-fully flexible ticket fully flexible ticket denatured wheat feed grain
feed quality wheat feedwheat fodder grain stockfeed wheat
common wheat fodder soft wheat common wheat beef animal
alcoholic drink alcoholic product spirit drink spirituous beverage
alcoholic beverage special premium finisher classes of insurance
Advanced Aero-Amphibian project ICDCS Maritime Safety Committee PACONF
Passenger Agency Conference bank settlement plan International Wheat Agreement IMDG
IMDGC IMDG Code Cairns Group BCCI
conventional stability talks IEFR Western Economic Summit ICFTU
ISIC World Energy Congress World Energy Conference COCOM
International Astronautical Federation International Automobile Federation FIBA World Basketball Federation
Socialist International Superconducting Super-Collider TOES SIPRI
Médecins Sans Frontières Doctors Without Borders IFIP METAP
IGBP International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme WCRP International Antiprohibitionist League
CGIAR ILHR global telecommunications system Newly Industrialised Countries
New Industrial Countries INTELSAT International Road Transport Directorate-General of Agriculture
producer subsidy equivalent MIGA OIML BENELUX
Benelux Economic Union Harmonisation Document ICCA Technical Report
I T C International Telecommunications Convention Nairobi Convention International Telecommunication Convention
surmullets red mullets International Touring Alliance IWSA
International Water-Supply Association herbaceous oilseed plant ICRP seasonal migration
International Transport Federation WFDY IISS MIJARC
draft legislative provision TPRB International Exhibitions Office International Exhibition Bureau
smoothounds Multilateral Trade Organisation newly industrialising economy Newly Industrialised Economy
AAFCE AAFSE AIRSOUTH ministerial order
ACLANT Allied Command Atlantic AGARD International Press Institute
design right percoids urea ammonium nitrate urea ammonia nitrate
TCAP Message Transfer Part ISUP ISDN user part
Patent Administration Division FAIR remotely operated vehicle remotely-controlled vehicle
remote operated vehicle submit its observations technology transfer agreement sales agreement
minority shareholder ritonavir Norvir subcontracting agreement
balance of terror private law crayfish loin
market forces financing costs financial costs shrivelled grain
importing country financing plan global loan defective product
add-on interpolation partnership general partnership
founder company acquisition of control Business Cooperation Centre cabotage
amended framework cereal marketing year milk year capacity to pay
capacity to contribute financing capacity financial capacity installed capacity
operating capital working assets working capital business assets
goats bovine carcase beef carcase pig carcase
residence card caseinate olive cultivation register vineyard register
surety deposit game larder topic centre
thematic centre coarse grain new variety certificate takeover certificate
STM licence landing tee wind tee wind-T
landing T radar apparatus inspector-in-chief radar coverage
video-text touch-sensitive switch single sideband uplink
uplinking satellite up-link waveguide windbreak
shelterbelt Greenwich Mean Time disposal without charge sale
paper hemp monoecious hemp textile hemp fibre hemp
blackleg self-propelled industrial truck hemp seed dairy herd
deadstock warranty clause scarcity clause Community Customs Code
dual-rate coefficient azocolourant azo dye olive-grower
olive oil farmer organisation chart ECSC Auditor electromagnetic compatibility
ligno-cellulose current postal account cash account protein concentrate
tomato concentrate broad-based open competition suspensive condition growing conditions
animal health requirements cones and lupulin WATTC conference-exposition
management advice canning industry industrial end-user cultivation contract
loan agreement loan contract credit agreement on-the-spot check
on-the-spot inspection financial contract Wheat Trade Convention credit union
fatty substance corrective amount negative corrective positive corrective
basic production levy elimination levy ginned cotton unginned cotton
continuous casting operation continuous casting standardised cost allotted appropriations